How To Flashlight Save In Dead by Daylight

A flashlight save is one of the most difficult, and rewarding techniques for Survivors to pull off in Dead By Daylight. A flashlight save is when one Survivor successfully blinds a Killer with a flashlight while the Killer is carrying another Survivor, causing the Killer to drop the Survivor who can then escape.

Sounds easy? It actually requires extremely precise aiming and timing, and most times, requires you to be in the right place at the right time. It also often requires you to commit to an aggressive playstyle that often puts you toe-to-toe with the Killer. Luckily, certain perks and add-ons can make pulling off this skill easier, and make you the hero of a match.

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How To Flashlight Save In Dead by Daylight

First and foremost, you’ll obviously want to equip a flashlight before going into a match. Theoretically, you can just find one in a chest on the map, but that method isn’t full-proof and doesn’t allow you to make use of add-ons. When it comes to add-ons, you should favor ones that extend the usage of the flashlight, and increase accuracy. A Long-Life Battery is always a safe bet, and it does good to combine it with a Rubber Grip to increase accuracy, or stack another regular Battery on top to add further charges to its life.

When it comes to perks, ones that enable you to track the location of fellow Survivors, like Empathy, are invaluable. Empathy allows you to keep track of who is injured and who will likely need to be rescued, which indicates where you should lurk around before jumping into action. Bond can also work, but it isn’t nearly as effective.

Dead by Daylight Long Life Battery Perk
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Flashlight Save Timing

You’ll want to make sure that when you’re getting ready to pull-off the rescue, you stay hidden until the Killer picks up the downed Survivor—otherwise, they’ll likely realize what you’re trying to do and chase you down first before taking care of their initial victim. The key to success is to position yourself close enough that you can jump out in front of the direction that the Killer is facing as they pick up the downed Survivor.

The animation of the Killer picking up the Survivor, which lasts about 2-4 seconds, is the most important time to try and pull off the rescue. The key is to run in front of the Killer and aim up at the Killer’s face as they’re locked facing forward picking up the Survivor. If the light of the flashlight begins to narrow, you’ll know that you’re doing it right.

If you’re successful, the Killer will be stunned and drop the Survivor, who can then run away. If you’re unsuccessful, all hope is not lost, but the task becomes much more difficult. Most skilled Killers will know when a Survivor is attempting a Flashlight Save, and will maneuver/turn away from the light of the flashlight accordingly. In this circumstance, it’s best to preemptively spot which hook the Killer is approaching, and to position yourself adjacent to potentially pull of the safe from there

Successfully pulling off your first Flashlight Save will inevitably take a handful of tries. However, if you master the skill, you will undoubtedly become an asset to any Survivor group that you end up in.

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