Dead by Daylight Totem Locations: How To Find Totems in Dead by Daylight

The five Totem Locations in Dead by Daylight can be a tricky question to answer, especially with there being over 15 different realms in-game and those realms sometimes containing more than one or two different maps.

With that much variation in Behavior Interactive's asymmetrical horror game, you're going to be hard-pressed to find absolutely every Totem Location. And here's why.

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How to find Totem Locations in Dead by Daylight

The quick answer that we're going to give you is this: it's impossible to know where the totems are going to spawn. The reason for this is because some assets in each Dead by Daylight map are generated through the use of RNG, aka random number generation.

With RNG, random numbers are generated to spawn random events, such as spawning in a rare item or whether pallets are close together or are far apart. As far as we know, the assets and events that get spawned differently for each trial is: the location of the Killer Shack, Window Vaults, Jungle Gyms, Pallets, Chests and, of course, Totem Locations. This means that trying to map out all five Totems for each map, with RNG generation in play, is impossible.

That said, the longer you play Dead by Daylight and get to know the maps, the more you'll come to know 'whereabout' most Totems spawn. This isn't 100% for definite of course, as RNG can be a real kicker sometimes, but with experience comes understanding and that is the best way to find Totem Locations in Dead by Daylight.

And, if that's not good enough for you and you want to know where all the Totem Locations without actively trying to memorize anything. Then there's always the Rainbow Map item which can highlight both the Hatch, as well as Totems.

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