Dead by Daylight Cleanse Totem: What Does It Do?

Dead by Daylight isn't just about doing generators if you're a survivor, sometimes its about touching the bones aka you'll need to cleanse a totem or two.

To cleanse a totem is something that can be very important depending on the Killer's perks. The reason for that is probably unclear for those who've never played the game or aren't all that experienced with the importance of totems, but thankfully we're here to tell you just why you'll need to cleanse any Totems you come across in Dead by Daylight.

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Dead by Daylight Cleanse Totem: What Does it Do?

Totems are skulls on sticks that are shaped in a triangular fashion. They can often be found in corners of Jungle Gyms, by hills, in between rocks, the Killer Shack, as well as unique buildings or areas that are dependent on what map the match is in.

Most Totems you'll see around the match are Dull Totems. Dull Totems are unlit by candles, and as such there's no real rush to Cleanse the Totem over completing a generator unless you're running a Totem build of Perks, or if you believe the Killer has the perk No One Escapes Death.

Other Totems are called Hex Totems, which look like Dull Totems but they are lit up by candles and will make a crackling noise if you're nearby. In dark maps, they stand out particularly well, and like their Dull counterparts, can be found in corners, unique buildings, and the Killer Shack.

Unlike Dull Totems, it's important to cleanse Hex Totems. Hex Totems can affect the game for Survivors in a negative way, such as blocking off window vaults, preventing pallets from being pulled down, as well as making generators regress when you're not on them. So cleanse those Totems, cleanse those bones or be in for a world of hurt!

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