Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Chapter: Project W Start Date & Everything We Know

The Doctor laughing at a victim on the hook in Dead by Daylight
Credit: The Doctor, Dead by Daylight

In June 2021, BHVR announced that they were in collaboration with Capcom. This is because they were bringing two iconic characters to Dead by Daylight. Nemesis was the killer brought to Dead by Daylight, and Jill Valentine was the survivor in what is one of the most acclaimed chapters in Dead by Daylight’s history. Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil is coming back, and it’s going to be spooky.

It’s time for Resident Evil to come back to Dead by Daylight, as Capcom and Behaviour Interactive are teaming up again to bring back two more popular characters from the franchise to Dead by Daylight, which may make for another acclaimed chapter.

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Nemesis, Jill Valentine and Leon S Kennedy in Dead by Daylight
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Resident Evil Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Chapter Start Date

After being released in June 2021, BHVR has said that Resident Evil is returning this year, featuring legendary characters from the franchise. Who could it be? At the moment, they haven’t said who or what is returning to Dead by Daylight, just that even more from the two powerhouses Capcom and BHVR, they will be bringing back some fantastical horror to the game.

Concept art of a killer and a survivor in a wheat field in Dead by Daylight
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Artwork of one of the killers and survivors in Dead by Daylight

Who Might Be Joining Dead By Daylight?

The Resident Evil chapter will be called Resident Evil: Project W. If you know anything about Resident Evil, then this points directly to Albert Wesker. This is because of the failed Wesker Plan, alternatively known as Project W. However, if we think of other well-known Resident Evil characters, it could be Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong or Claire Redfield. There are a multitude of possibilities for the survivors.

As for the killers, they could go for some of the more recent games and go for someone like Lady Dimitrescu. However, with a chapter name like Resident Evil: Project W, a killer like Oswald Spencer or even Albert Wesker would make more sense, as they are two of the most dangerous people from the 60’s. Lisa Trevor would also make for a fantastic killer, as she is taken over by the progenitor virus, which is exactly what was being worked on in Project W.

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