Dead by Daylight Rank Reset: When Does it Happen, Rewards and More

Dead by Daylight only just introduced Rank Rewards early this year, but Ranks and Rank Reset have been around since the 1.5.3 patch.

However, even players who've played the game for a long time still struggle with wrapping their mind around what Rank means in a game that isn't competitive in the same way as games like Overwatch and Valorant. While it may not make too much sense, Dead by Daylight does indeed have Rank Reset and Rank Rewards.

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Dead by Daylight Rank Reset: When Does Rank Reset Happen

The current Rank Reset was first introduced back in Patch 2.1.0, and since then, has reset every 13th each month. We're certain that this is probably a Friday the 13th reference, but outside of that cool little Easter egg, not much happens with Rank Reset outside of Bloodpoints getting rewarded to the player.

Sometimes Rank Reset will be postponed due to bugs, but this rarely happens and the official Dead by Daylight social media will post if that's the case.

Dead by Daylight Rank Reset: What are Rank Rewards?

As we mentioned above, the only rewards given during Rank Reset is the Rank Rewards - a selection of Bloodpoints that are granted to players depending on the Rank they're at during the reset.

The Rank Rewards work like so:

Rank 20-17 - Players are rewarded 10,000 Bloodpoints


Rank 16-13 - Players are rewarded 30,000 Bloodpoints

Rank 12-9 - Players are rewarded 100,000 Bloodpoints

Rank 8-5 - Players are rewarded 150,000 Bloodpoints

Rank 4 - Players are rewarded 200,000 Bloodpoints

Rank 3 - Players are rewarded 210,000 Bloodpoints

Rank 2 - Players are rewarded 225,000 Bloodpoints

Rank 1 - Players are rewarded 250,000 Bloodpoints

Because Killer and Survivor Ranks are separate, players can earn up to 500,000 Bloodpoints if they're a Rank 1 Survivor and Killer.