Dead by Daylight Rank Reset: Rewards System, Reset Times, Grades Explained, and More

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Reminder: The Next Grade Reset is right around the corner, on June 13th!

Dead by Daylight only just introduced Rank Rewards early this year, but Ranks and Rank Reset have been around since the 1.5.3 patch. However, as of patch 5.20, Ranks and Rank Reset have been replaced after five years, with Grade and Grade Reset.

For those players out there who were only just getting used to Rank - despite Dead by Daylight not being at all competitive in the same way as games like Overwatch and Valorant - this new change from Ranks to Grades can be confusing, especially if you’ve not played the game for a while. Thankfully, we’ve got just the guide for you.


Dead by Daylight Grade System Explained: What is Grade Rank in Dead by Daylight?

Grade was introduced in patch 5.20 and, for the most part, works in a very similar way to Ranks. Like Ranks, you earn Grade by obtaining pips throughout each match until you reach a certain amount, which will thus improve your Grade. Earning pips is simple enough, too, so you won’t have to relearn anything about how to improve your gameplay, overall.

Nonetheless, unlike previously where if you played a bad game you’d lose pips and go down a rank (say Red Rank to Purple Rank, Yellow to Brown), you’ll never move down a Grade. Yep, the only way to go in Dead by Daylight from now on is up. According to Dead by Daylight themselves, this helps with balancing matches - so you won’t be going against a higher Grade Killer when you’re a lower Grade Survivor. In theory.

While Rank may have changed, the Reset period - which always happens on the 13th of each month - has not changed. Instead of Rank Reset, it is now Grade Reset and unlike Rank, will take players back to the lowest Grade each time. This means that if players want to get to the highest Grade, they’ll need to put in the hours.

Sometimes Grade Reset will be postponed due to bugs, but this rarely happens and the official Dead by Daylight social media will post if that's the case.


Dead by Daylight Grade Reset: What do the new Grades mean?

For players who haven’t played the game before, or for those who have and aren’t too sure what Grades are or what they mean then don’t worry - we’ve got the new Grades names (and what they would be if Dead by Daylight still used Ranks) lined up for you.

It should be noted that you can see the name of the Grade if you hover over the emblem at the top right. Either way, though, here are the new Grade names (on the left) and what they were previously (on the right).

  • Ash IV – Rank 20
  • Ash III – Rank 19
  • Ash II – Rank 18
  • Ash I – Rank 17
  • Bronze IV – Rank 16
  • Bronze III – Rank 15
  • Bronze II – Rank 14
  • Bronze I – Rank 13
  • Silver IV – Rank 12
  • Silver III – Rank 11
  • Silver II – Rank 10
  • Silver I – Rank 9
  • Gold IV – Rank 8
  • Gold III – Rank 7
  • Gold II – Rank 6
  • Gold I – Rank 5
  • Iridescent IV – Rank 4
  • Iridescent III – Rank 3
  • Iridescent – II – Rank 2
  • Iridescent I – Rank 1

Dead by Daylight Grade Reset: What are Grade Rewards?

Every single month, on the 13th, players will have their individual Killer and Survivor rank reset. With each reset, players will also get Grade Rewards depending on which Grade they scored, overall.

The Grade Rewards work like so:

Iridescent Gold Silver Bronze Ash
Grade 11,000,000550,000340,000175,00050,000
Grade 2900,000500,000310,000150,00035,000
Grade 3800,000450,000280,000125,00020,000
Grade 4700,000400,000250,000100,00010,000

Because Killer and Survivor Grades are separate, players can earn up to 500,000 Bloodpoints depending on what Grade Survivor and Killer they are.