Maurice The Horse: DBD Lore, Rumours and Speculation

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Maurice The Horse in Dead by Daylight

Things are changing in DBD: and probably not for the better. Maurice the Horse is missing, and we're all-too-sadly aware of what has happened. For any equestrian fans out there at this trying time, we stand with you, hoping that a swift resolution to this troubling development will be reached. Until then, though, it's time to chronicle the DBD Maurice the Horse story; from its humble beginning to this most concerning event.

The Dead By Daylight 24 season has shaken things up in a way nobody could have seen coming. Rather than taking aim at a survivor, there's reason to believe this season's new monster has taken from us the horse that's been trotting around the game for years now. Here's what we know.


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Maurice The Horse as a mechanical horse in Dead by Daylight
Maurice At Home Dead By Daylight

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Who Is Maurice The Horse in DBD?

Maurice the Horse was a fun demonic horse character that was hidden at the back of Father Campbell's Chapel, one of two maps in the Crotus Penn Asylum. Maurice had three eyes, one of which allowed the Entity to see out into the world.


In the newest patch bringing in The Dredge, Maurice the horse is now missing in Dead by Daylight, sparking forum posts and self-aware social media posts around the web.

Dead by Daylight first introduced Maurice way back in Patch 2.0.0, which took place in May 2018. This was when the Clown was introduced, which saw the release of new maps and some fascinating lore.

Maurice the Horse belongs to the Clown and is at the very back of the map of Father Campbell's Chapel where you can find him laying down near its owner's cooky caravan.

If the creature's third eye wasn't enough to alert you to its irregular origins, its visibly rotten body definitely can. If you haven't paid close enough attention to it already, though, it's too late: Maurice the Horse has disappeared, and people are starting to notice and ask: where is Maurice the Horse now?


What Did The Dredge Do to Maurice the Horse?

As of patch 6.0.0, Maurice the Horse is now missing from Father Campbell's Chapel, and the masses have finally begun to take notice of the often-overshadowed steed.

Though a lot of the speculation is just that, speculation, some alarming coincidences have started to surface, with the DBD social team clearly acknowledging things as well.

There's already a lot to suggest that Maurice the Horse has been killed or taken by The Dredge. In one of The Dredge's idle animations, a horse head flops out of the killer's void only to be dragged in. If you click on the Reddit embed below, there's a video lower in the comments that shows this clear as day.


If you're in the game yourself, just select The Dredge, wait a few seconds, and you'll see proof of the crime committed with your very eyes. The Dredge has largely been caught red-handed at this point, but there's still little to suggest why Maurice the Horse has been handed a death sentence after years of being a simple little easter egg at the back of an old map.

Is Maurice the Horse Dead or Alive in DBD?

Though the ragdoll effect of Maurice the Horse flopping out the Dredges void would suggest our lovely horse has perished, there's every chance the poor demonic boy is just subdued in some way.

It's likely wishful thinking, but when you're dealing with a pony with a third eye connected to a demonic entity that's been stuffed inside the ethereal body of a beast the laws of nature can't completely explain, who's to say Maurice the Horse isn't actually having a great time in there? Time will tell, and if the social team is any indictation of what's to come, we might have a full Maurice the Horse redemption arc ahead of us.


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