Dead By Daylight best Dredge build (November 2022)

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The new killer the Dredge, Dead by Daylight. An amalgamation of limbs, with a long face and torn mouth.
Credit: The Dredge, Dead by Daylight

BHVR has recently announced Roots of Dread, the new chapter coming to Dead by Daylight. The chapter is coming to Dead by Daylight in two weeks, and we have a new killer and survivor to get to know. The killer is known as the Dredge. In this guide, we will be going in-depth about the Dredge perks in Dead By Daylight and his capabilities as a killer.

The Dredge is a nasty-looking beast with lots of scary perks and abilities that survivors will want to be aware of before they face up against the fearsome amalgamation. It’s hard to gauge how powerful the new killer will be when they are released but by reading his perks and abilities it’s safe to say he is certainly… ghoulish.


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Dredge perks in Dead by Daylight

The Dredge comes with three perks, all of which have circumstantial uses. These are his perks, and what they do.

Sceptic Touch

Everything eventually returns to the land of the shadows. Healing only delays the inevitable.


Whenever a survivor performs any form of healing action within his Terror radius, the survivor will then suffer from Blindness and Exhaustion. These effects will last for six seconds after healing is interrupted by any means.


Everything turns to dust. It is as inevitable as the coming of night. Three seconds after you’ve injured a survivor by any means, Dissolution activates for 12 seconds. The next time a survivor fast vaults over a pallet within the terror radius, the entity will then destroy that pallet after they have vaulted. This perk then deactivates.

Darkness Revealed

In your presence, places once thought to be safe are perhaps the most dangerous. When he opens a locker, the aura of all survivors within 16 meters of any lockers are revealed to him for three seconds.


This perk has a 30-second cooldown.

A skull on the left side, with writing that reads "Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary"

Dredge abilities in Dead by Daylight

Special Ability: The Gloaming

To activate the Gloaming, press and hold the power button. Once activated, the Dredge leaves a Remnant behind. Aim at a locker and press the ability button to teleport to the locker. You can return to your Remnant by pressing your attack button. While in the locker, you can aim at any other locker to teleport to another one.


Keep in mind that each teleport consumes a Power Token. Exiting the locker or returning to your Remnant will activate the cooldown, and begin recharging the Power Tokens.

To be able to survive the Dredge, survivors can place locks to slow the Dredge down and stop him exiting lockers as quickly. Each locker can only be locked once.

Special Ability: Nightfall

The Nightfall meter builds when a healthy survivor is injured, a survivor is hooked, or when teleportation is used. The Nightfall meter will also build up faster for each survivor in an injured state.

Once the Nightfall meter is full, Nightfall begins. During Nightfall, survivors will have to try and find their way in total darkness for 60 seconds. The Dredge’s teleport is much faster with a smaller cooldown and he has no Terror radius. To make the Nightfall shorter, survivors can kill a Remnant to make the Nightfall timer shorter.

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