Dead By Daylight Alien - Release date, patch notes, and more

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Dead by Daylight Alien
August 8, 2023: We've updated this article with information on the new chapter Dead By Daylight Alien.

After several rumours and fan theories, Dead By Daylight has finally announced its newest chapter: Alien. Taking to Twitter this afternoon, the asymmetrical horror game dropped the news that the infamous xenomorph will be joining the ranks as a killer.

There will be plenty to look forward to, and since in space, no one can hear you scream, we thought we'd collect all of the information for you in our guide, instead. Now that the official patch notes for Dead By Daylight Alien have been released, we'll go through the information here.

When is the release date for Dead By Daylight Alien?

As is typical with Dead By Daylight, we didn't get a fully confirmed release date from the teaser trailer. What we did get, however, is the confirmation that more information is due to drop. Now that we have that information, we can confirm that the release date for the sci-fi-themed chapter will be available on all platforms on August 29, 2023. You can check out the full trailer here.

Dead By Daylight Alien teaser trailer on Twitter
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Credit: Twitter
Dead By Daylight Alien teaser

What is the Xenomorph's power?

Hidden Pursuit

By accessing a Control Station on the new map Nostromo Wreckage, the Xenomorph can access a map-wide series of tunnels to move quickly around the play area. The Alien can detect the presence of nearby Survivors whilst inside the maze of tunnels and speed up the cooldown of its special ability (detailed below). Additionally, when exiting the tunnels, nearby Survivors are tagged with Killer Instinct.

Special ability: Runner Mode

This allows the monstrous killer to move on four legs and become stealthier, therefore reducing its Terror Radius by quite a bit. While in Runner Mode, the Xenomorph also has a devastating melee, Tail Attack.

What are the Xenomorph's perks?

Ultimate Weapon

  • When the Alien opens a locker, this perk activates for 30 seconds. Survivors entering their Terror Radius scream and reveal their position and gain Blindness for 30 seconds. This perk then goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds.

Rapid Brutality

  • The Xenomorph can no longer gain Bloodlust. Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack gives 5% haste for 8/9/10 seconds.

Alien Instinct

  • This perk activates when the Alien hooks a Survivor. See the aura of the farthest injured Survivor for 5 seconds and that Survivor is oblivious for 16/18/20 seconds.

New map: Nostromo Wreckage

The Entity has recreated the Nostromo spaceship from Ellen Ripley's memories, and although it's a close match to the original iconic ship with some notably memorable elements, it's sure to have a unique Dead By Daylight twist.

And this comes in the form of the new interactive map function: Control Stations. There will be 7 control stations scattered across the wreckage of Nostromo, and Survivors can interact with these stations to get their hands on a new Tool: the Remote Flame Turret. And yes, that's as cool as it sounds - more on that later.

The Xenomorph can also access a sprawling map of tunnels beneath each control station, meaning it can stalk Survivors with even more ease. These tunnels grant the Alien map-wide mobility and subsequently bolster the fear factor.

New survivor: Ellen Ripley

It wouldn't be an Alien-themed chapter without one of the most iconic final girls, Ellen Ripley. She's overcome relentless threats aboard the Nostromo, and so she's strong-willed, level-headed, and determined. She's sure to be a resilient and therefore invaluable member of any survivor group.

What are Ellen Ripley's perks?

Lucky Star

  • When you hide in a locker, this perk activates. You leave no pools of blood and make no grunts of pain for 10 seconds. When you exit the locker, you see other survivors and the closest generator's aura in yellow for 10 seconds. This perk then goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds.

Chemical Trap

  • After completing 70%/60%/50% progress on any generator, this perk activates. While standing next to a dropped pallet, press the Active Ability Button 2 to install a Trap, which stays active for 100/110/120 seconds. The aura of trapped pallets are revealed in yellow to all Survivors. When the Killer performs the break action on the trapped pallet, the trap explodes, and they are slowed by 50% for 4 seconds.

Light Footed

  • When you are healthy, this perk activates. Your running footsteps are silent. This perk goes on cool-down for 28/24/20 seconds after doing a rushed action.

New survivor tool: Remote Flame Turret

This chapter will introduce a brand new survivor tool used solely against The Xenomorph: the Remote Flame Turret. This tool will unleash a devastating defensive attack which staggers the Xenomorph and can cause its unique power, Runner Mode, to end.

This new tool requires strategic placement as well as knowing when to set it off at the most opportune moment, and Survivors will need to repair the tool if it overheats. It sounds like a high-risk but high-reward type of tool, which is sure to make some interesting gameplay.


So there you have it, that's what we know! Dead by Daylight: Alien will be available for purchase on August 29, 2023, on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, and Nintendo Switch.

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