Dead by Daylight best Haddie Kaur build (November 2022)

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A 3/4 view of Haddie Kaur, showing off her whole outfit and what she looks like. An indian woman, wearing a striped vest and blue jeans.
Credit: Haddie Kaur, Dead by Daylight

Roots of Dread is the name of Chapter 24 and it’s soon to be added to Dead by Daylight. Fans only have two weeks to wait until the release of Haddie Kaur and The Dredge. What awaits them in the fog? In this guide, we will be explaining the Haddie Kaur perks in Dead By Daylight in-depth, so you know what to expect of her when you go into a match.

She is very attuned to the paranormal after her parents died in a car crash, and loved to explore the side of unliving. She has an affinity for conversing with monsters and battling them whether she wants to or not, making her a very resilient survivor compared to some of the others who find their way into the fog.


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Who is Haddie Kaur in Dead by Daylight?

Haddie Kaur was born in India and moved to Quebec with her family. Her family then died in a car crash, leaving her to be taken in by a family friend. This then began her interest in the paranormal, powering her with courage, determination, and a touch of morbid curiosity. Because of her history, it means that she has fought monsters in the past. She is one of the only survivors who is willing to face off against Killers in the realm.

Dead by Daylight key art. There's a skull on the left side, with writing on the side that says Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary.

What are Haddie Kaur’s perks in Dead By Daylight?

Inner Focus

Inner Focus grants Haddie the ability to see through the haze of the Ravage. She can also see survivors’ scratch marks within 32 metres in front of her. Whenever another survivor loses health within 32 metres, the Killer’s aura is revealed to her for 3 seconds.

This perk can be unlocked in the bloodweb from level 30+ or in the Shrine of Secrets.


Residual Manifest

A lifetime of chasing the darkness has taught her that the best disinfectant is light. After a successful Killer Blind action, the Killer will be affected by the Blindness status for 20 seconds. This perk allows Haddie to rummage through an already opened chest once per trial and guarantees a basic flashlight.

This perk can be unlocked in the bloodweb from level 35+ or in the Shrine of Secrets.


Fighting back against the Ravage motivates and inspires her. After cleansing a totem, this perk activates. Her generator speed is increased by 4%. However, this perk deactivates when she loses a health state by any means.


This perk can be unlocked in the bloodweb from level 40+ or in the Shrine of Secrets.

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