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Cyberpunk 2077: Best Operating System Within The Game


Cyberpunk 2077 made history, not only for selling copies but for having one of the rockiest releases in modern-day gaming.


The game has its fair share of bugs and glitches, and players have been reporting news every day.

The game was pulled entirely from the PlayStation store back in December, and developers CD Projekt Red are potentially being sued due to the game's poor release.

While we can criticize the game for hours on end, there is plenty to do within the game and an ample amount of customization options.

One of these options is your player's Operating System or OS.

This is a vital component of the game, and some Reddit users have pinpointed the best one. 

Here it is! 



This is a question that many of you more than likely had, but Reddit user u/judge-b asked this on the Cyberpunk 2077 Reddit. 


This was flooded with responses, but the top comment by user u/ TheWeinerWizard noted the following: 

The two best are the Tetratronic Rippler (street cred 29) and the Netwatch Netdriver (street cred 49). The Raven Microcyber is probably the best early game as it only requires street cred 15 which is doable in about an hour of NCPD map missions.

The Tetratronic makes uploads faster and lets your ‘ultimate’ insta-kill quick hacks like cyberpsychosis or suicide chain to another person. The Netwatch lets your non-ultimate quick hacks like contagion or overheat chain to 3 people, the chain distance on hacks are increased, and quick hack damage is increased.

The Tetratronic is fun when you get it but when you get street cred 49 I personally recommend the Netwatch as I definitely think it’s the better overall cyberdeck. With the Netwatch chip you just use legendary ping and contagion and watch a whole building die, sprinkle in a short circuit/overheat on the isolated folks. The Tetratronic can do this as well, but ‘ultimate’ quick hacks are expensive and can lead to RAM shortages if you are not 100% invested in hacking and breaches. Also worth noting the Tetratronic chain mechanic doesn’t work with the trait that increases the number of quick hack chains.

Players will be able to find the Tetratronic OS within the Charter Hill portion of the game according to u/expetandy!

Be sure to let us know which OS you are liking the most! 


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