Solana Video Game Star Atlas to Be Launched on Epic Games Store

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epic games

Epic Games is doubling its efforts to embrace web3 by enabling Solana-based Star Atlas to launch on its game store.

Star Atlas has become the second blockchain-based game to be launched on the Epic Games Store after Blankos Block Party.

Dubbed as one of the most ambitious blockchain games, Star Atlas has launched its first playable demo on the Epic Games Store.

Solana-Based Star Atlas Arrives On Epic Games Store

Star Atlas, described as a next-gen gaming experience built on the Solana blockchain has announced that its first playable demo will be on the Epic Games Store.

The demo was launched during the firm's second community-focused conference, dubbed 426LIVE which was held on September 29.

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Referred to as a Star Atlas showroom, the pre-alpha gameplay demo features a glimpse of the game and related elements that users can look forward to before its official launch.

The official statement adds:

The Showroom features a real-time Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) game environment and is the first glimpse into what players can look forward to in Star Atlas. "The downloadable Pre-Alpha demo client combines UE5's Nanite, Lumen, and other cutting-edge graphics technology to deliver cinematic quality video game visuals with the state-of-the-art in blockchain, allowing for the display of in-game assets that are wholly owned by the players

The full showroom is set to be released in Q4 of 2022.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a Solana-based space exploration strategy game. The game allows users to operate various NFT spaceships and vehicles and trade them via the in-game NFT marketplace.

The demo launched on the Epic Games Store introduces players to a virtual environment set in the year 2060, with its lead character Asha ushering them to view their NFT spaceships and vehicles in the showroom.

Star Atlas's CEO, Michael Wagner, on launching the demo with Epic:

We're excited to finally be able to give users a taste of Star Atlas and start to bring this immersive world to life. We're excited to bring our triple-A quality blockchain game to the Epic Games Store, and we can't wait to see web3 gaming become mainstream.

Despite expressing his reluctance in exploring the NFT game domain, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney continues to embrace the blockchain sector by introducing its second NFT-based game to the store after launching Blankos Block Party.

Sweeney earlier commented how he supports developers' demands concerning their games, and if developers want to integrate NFTs and blockchain tech into their gameplay, then Epic would be supportive.

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