Solana Roadmap: What New Updates Are Coming To Solana?

Solana Roadmap
Credit: Executium/Unsplash

Solana Roadmap
Credit: Executium/Unsplash

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Solana has taken the crypto-world by storm, breaking into the top 10 cryptocurrencies. But what updates are coming in the future on the Solana Roadmap?

Several cryptocurrencies have vital upgrades set for later this year, such as the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork and Ethereum 2.0 Release. Meanwhile, new cryptocurrency continue to launch.

But for now, let’s stick with Solana. Here’s a look at the Solana roadmap and future updates.

Solana Roadmap

As of July 2022, there remains only one item to complete on the official Solana roadmap -the full mainnet release. However, as we know, the Solana mainnet is already out in its beta form. Instead, it seems Solana has moreso just abandoned updating its roadmap, as this has not been touched since 2020.

Instead, the Solana GitHub makes for a more up-to-date look at what new updates have - and are- coming to Solana.

As per the GitHub, the latest Solana mainnet version is v1.10.29, which sought to fix various bugs.

Based on the recent update on Solana's website, new features for the mainnet include:

  • QUIC
  • Stake-weighted QoS
  • Fee markets

Looking to the future, Solana Labs CEO and Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko said:

The next phase is onboarding a billion users. Solana was built from the ground up to accommodate this scale. With this funding, Solana Labs is now positioned to bring in the right partners and capital to build products and tooling to get there.

Outside of the mainnet, Solana has also announced Solana Saga - a brand-new Web3 mobile phone.

We’ll update this page when more concrete plans for the Solana Roadmap get announced.

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Solana Mainnet Full Release Date

The Solana mainnet beta first launched in February 2020. Since then, it has yet to officially leave this beta period.

However, it appears the mainnet is a beta in name only. Responding to a Reddit post, one Solana moderator said:

Everything works exactly like Mainnet, "Beta" means that it is still developing while the main functions are 100% operational! It's just a word that could be removed at any time or even stay there for a while, think about when Gmail was in beta for about 3 years.

In another response, the same moderator said:

We will keep the suffix "beta" for a year or so because we want to check the mainnet stability in the long term and make sure we have a great product.

As this post is dated March 2021, we expected the removal of the beta suffix to happen in March 2022. However, by July 2022, the GitHub updates still reference the Mainnet as a beta. Solana has yet to give any full indication of when, or if, it will drop this name.

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