What To Expect From The New Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Upgrade

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The Cardano Vasil Hard Fork will be the next upgrade on the Cardano roadmap as it attempts to make the blockchain more robust and scalable, but what is it?

Through previous upgrades like the Alonzo hard fork, the ADA blockchain has now bolstered its infrastructure to improve the network. Other projects such as the Cardano Hydra L2 and Djed Stablecoin are also in the works.

And now, Cardano's creator Charles Hoskinson has added hype to the upcoming Vasil hard fork, along with lead developer Sooraj. Let's take a look at what we can expect from this new network upgrade.


Cardano Vasil Hark Fork Upgrade Release Date

We now know that the Cardano Vasil hard fork upgrade will go live on June 29, 2022.

Hoskinson was the first to share that the Vasil Hard Fork would come in June 2022. Cardano developer Sooraj then gave a more specific update relating to the June 29 date.


Cardano Vasil Hark Fork Upgrade: What's New?

One of Cardano's developers Sooraj took to Twitter to share more details concerning the new Vasil Hark Fork Upgrade.

In a series of Tweets, Sooraj explained how Cardano's Vasil Hark Fork will impact the network's overall stability and connectivity.

He further explained how CIPs or crucial Cardano improvements will be prioritised with this upgrade that will evaluate the mechanisms of how Plutus scripts are submitted to the blockchain.

The CIP-33 mechanism that comes with the Vasil Hard Fork Upgrade will substantially lower the cost of such transactions by reducing their size and making them more compact and "lightweight."

The new CIP-31 upgrade will also allow DApps to access transactional output without the need to recreate them as before. The CIP-32 upgrade will enable users or developers to store data on-chain which will essentially encourage Cardano to move towards a "truly decentralised architecture".