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Cardano Roadmap: When do Cardano Goguen and Cardano Alonzo launch?

Cardano is set to continue changing over the next few months, with the roadmap laying out capabilities via Goguen and Alonzo. But when are they set to launch?

Cardano - and its ADA token - is another cryptocurrency to see a drastic increase in price during 2021. Much like with the Ethereum EIP-1559 hard fork and the bitcoin Taproot upgrade, Cardano is set to undergo more changes in 2021. The Goguen update is set to implement smart contracts into the DeFi system.

With Cardano now in its third phase following Byron and Shelley, when will the next updates release?

Cardano Goguen Release Date

The initial release date for Cardano Goguen was March 2021, but similar to the Shelley update, this has suffered from delays. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, announced at the Cardano 360 event that the full release of Goguen will now take place in August 2021.

Goguen was initially split into three stages: Allegra, Mary, and Alonzo. Once completed, Cardano will then continue onwards to its next phases - Basho and Voltaire.

The Allegra update officially went live on 16 December 2020. The Mary update launched onto the mainnet on 1 March 2021. After this, another update- Daedalus - went live on 1 April to allows users to send and receive native tokens on Cardano".

This just leaves Alonzo.


Cardano Alonzo Release Date

To further complicate Goguen's release, Alonzo is split into three stages: Blue, White, and Purple. These wil be rolled out over the coming months to include new users into the Alonzo program.

The first testnet phase- Alonzo Blue - launched on 27 May. Alonzo White is set to release in early July.

After Blue, the Alonzo Purple update should bring an end to the Goguen development period, with the full release onto the mainnet set for August.

Of course, the full release is subject to change, and delays could occur. Indeed, the Polymarket prediction market now lets users bet on if the Smart Contract Cardano update will be working on the mainnet by October. Currently, the price for 'yes' is $0.42, and the price for no is $0.58

You can see the latest updates on the Cardano roadmap here.

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