Best NFT Card Games: Top Play-To-Earn NFT Trading Card Games

Image of Lysander, a champion from Gods Unchained
Credit: Gods Unchained

The NFT genre of gaming is dominated by trading card games, with millions flocking towards the play-to-earn card games that form some of the best NFT games around.

While many of the new NFT games launching are not a part of the trading card genre, it does remain the dominant force in the space. However, new variations are diversifying the GameFi landscape to couple the online gaming aspects with a passive income.

With that said, here's a look at some of our top picks for NFT card games.

Best Play To Earn NFT Card Games

These are just a selection of play-to-earn card games currently available. We'll update this list with new picks when they come out - whether that's the Shiba Inu Game, or any games in the metaverse space using cards.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a popular play-to-earn game that has become increasingly popular recently as it effortlessly combines the elements of both traditional card gaming with engaging gameplay and narrative.

The game involves players strategically planning their cards to earn reward points and take the lead in the game. Gods Unchained also uses a process called Flux. This enables users to merge two identical core cards and produce a higher quality card that can also be sold on the blockchain.


Splinterlands is another promising play-to-earn NFT card game, running on the Hive blockchain. It has managed to gather considerable attention due to its authentic and interesting gameplay.

Players can earn the game's currency called DEC, or Dark Energy Crystals, to buy additional assets from the game shop.

While technically a free NFT game at the start, it does require users to buy a starter pack for $10 later on. This grants players 500 cards to in different battles.

Splinterlands also boasts cross-compatibility with different blockchains, allowing users to trade and sell cards on multiple blockchains.


Sorare is another extremely popular NFT play-to-earn football card game, built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows players to collect cards and build a team to earn in-game tournaments.

A significant part of Sorare is the collecting of cards that are of higher value and are rare in numbers. The rarity factor can get players a decent amount if they ever decide to trade the card on the marketplace.

Dark Country Game

Dark Country Game is a popular card game that enables players to own heroes, in-game items, and lands as NFTs.

The game includes a gothic theme with zombies and ghosts as central characters in the game.

Built on the WAX blockchain, the game also enables players to stake their earned assets on and collect additional cards on Collect.Social to acquire the game's RACOON token.

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