Shiba Search Engine Burns 60 Million SHIB Through Ad Revenue

Shiba Search Logo on flame background
Credit: Shiba Search/Marek Piwnicki/Unsplash

Shiba Search Logo on flame background
Credit: Shiba Search/Marek Piwnicki/Unsplash

Shiba Search, a SHIB-inspired search engine, burned over 60 million SHIB in its first-ever burn as it seeks to offer members of the ShibArmy a new product to use while destroying SHIB.

First launched in November 2021, Shiba Search sends 90% of its advertising revenue to the dead wallet address. It follows on from other community-driven SHIB burn projects such as the Bricks Buster mobile games and Shiba Coffee Company.

Planet Crypto spoke to Mr Dran, the pseudonymous creator of Shiba Search, to find out more about the burning efforts.

Shiba Search Burns SHIB

In a live stream on January 26, Shiba Search burned 60,767,062 SHIB worth $1,378.20 at the time of burn.

The live stream showed Shiba Search revealing their Google AdSense earnings in a bank account, which they then transferred to Coinbase Pro, before purchasing and burning SHIB.

After the burn event, Mr Dran felt relief more than anything. "We got into this project knowing very well that we had to prove ourselves first before any traction could happen," he said. "So it honestly felt a little refreshing as it also meant it's finally the opportunity to finally put to rest a lot of the FUD that a lot of people tried throwing at us."

Mr Dran said the "Ask The Dr nonsense" drove a lot of initial scepticism, but more people are coming on board after the live burn took place.

While it doesn't have any set goals for the future, Mr Dran said Shiba Search will get to "the serious levels of revenue per month" pretty fast. He boldly stated it could burn upwards of $10 million per month in just a few months.

"I've worked with a few reputable small search engines in the past that are now much bigger than they started so it's kind of a refresher going down this alley again."

Shiba Search also has an Android app, with an iOS version coming in the near future.

As with many burning projects in the ShibArmy, Mr Dran described ShibaSearch as a "community-driven project" that hopes to offer more benefits in the future. "There will be giveaways, opportunities for Shiba Search to buy NFTs made by Shiba Search supporters, and charitable donations."

The creator also said if SHIB reaches $0.01, they would start paying the revenue to users, rather than burning it.

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