Mobile Game Burns Nearly 120 Million SHIB Following ShibArmy Backing

Shiba Inu Logo on Mobile Phone, after SHIB burn from Bricks Buster mobile game.

The Bricks Buster mobile game has completed its first Shiba Inu burn, destroying almost 120 million SHIB.

Using the $5010 earned through ad revenue in November, its developer, Travis Johnson, sent 119,490,000 SHIB to the dead wallet on December 15. As he bought the SHIB on December 10, its value did drop before the burn, however.

Planet Crypto caught up with Johnson ahead of the burn to find out more.

Bricks Buster Burns SHIB

Speaking about the burn, Johnson said the amount was “unbelievable”, and praised the reaction from the ShibArmy. “The ShibArmy really goes all out when it supports something,” he said. “My personal interactions with members of the army have been overwhelmingly positive as well, [with them] asking how they can support me.”

“All they have ever asked in return is for me to show proof, which I respect.”

Steven Cooper, the creator of the SHIB Burner playlist, also praised the game’s burn on Twitter.

Now that the developer has burned the 119 million SHIB, and posted the transaction, he hopes more people will get on board after seeing it is legitimate. “At the beginning of November, we were on track to burn over $20,000. Maybe people were unsure if the burns were actually happening and didn’t want to devote time to this game,” he said.

In the future, Johnson hopes the ShibArmy can help even more holders burn SHIB through the game. “If we had 100% support by the 1.1 million holders of SHIB, and each holder played one level a day on Bricks Buster, we could be burning $60,000 per day,” he said. “I’m talking with a few SHIB influencers about how to implement that challenge in the community.”

The next burn will take place in mid-January. Johnson stated the total ad revenue is on track for the same amount as this burn.

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[Image: Unsplash/Tobias Rademacher/KOBU Agency]

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