Shiba Inu WoofPaper v3 Is Coming In The Future - Here’s What Could Be Included

Shiba Inu logo on a white book on a white background.
Credit: Unsplash/Thought Catalog

Shiba Inu logo on a white book on a white background.
Credit: Unsplash/Thought Catalog

A new version of the Shiba Inu Woofpaper v3 is in the works, likely to set out, solidify, and clarify the various SHIB projects currently in development in a written form.

The Shiba AMA in February revealed additional details about projects on the Shiba Inu roadmap, including new burn mechanics. However, also announced was the confirmation of a new Shiba Inu WoofPaper, although it went slightly under the radar.

As Shiba Inu’s version of a whitepaper, the WoofPaper v2 currently lays out the technical information about the Shiba ecosystem, alongside some plans for the future. Here’s a look at what the WoofPaper v3 could include.

Shiba Inu WoofPaper v3 Announced

During the Shiba AMA, Growth Breed member Archangel confirmed a new version of the WoofPaper was in development.

In the community questions section, one user asked: “With so many advancements in the project since we got the WoofPaper v2, could the ShibArmy expect to get an updated version outlining everything new that is happening with the project?”

Archangel replied stating: “There’s definitely a version three of the WoofPaper coming. We’ve made so many achievements and so many announcements in this space since the original WoofPaper was launched. And that all needs to be included in the WoofPaper along with the projects we’ve announced today.”

However, the AMA did not provide a date or release window for a new version of the WoofPaper. Shibarium, a Shiba community member, said WoofPaper v3 is “in progress”.

The AMA didn’t clarify what exactly would change compared to 2021’s second version of the WoofPaper. However, SHIB Growth Breed member Milkshake gave some indication as to how it could look on Twitter.

Milkshake said the WoofPaper “will be updated on a more ongoing basis to disclaim better understanding, and above all, display the same confident approach to the ecosystem and its evolution.”

So, breaking this down, what can we expect to see?

Shiba Inu WoofPaper v3 Update

Most of the changes to the WoofPaper will come in the final two pages of the current version. It is here which talks about the future of Shiba.

In the eight months since the WoofPaper v2 was launched in June, Shiba Inu has announced a plethora of new projects not found in the current version.

The likes of the Shibarium Layer-2, Shiba Inu Metaverse, and the SHIB Game could all become parts of the WoofPaper.

Besides this the WoofPaper v3 will likely give clarifications about ongoing projects that have since been fleshed out. Both the Doggy DAO and the Shiboshi NFTs were referenced in the second version. These have now launched with further information provided in blog posts, for example.

Most of the opening preamble regarding the Shiba philosophy will likely remain unchanged, along with the technical aspects. The Shiba Inu Incubator section is perhaps most at risk of being cut or re-written since this concept seems to have fallen to one side.

However, one of the more significant elements of the new WoofPaper will be that it receives ongoing updates. This means that after v3, we might not need to wait months for amendments to the whitepaper, but instead see regular updates after new announcements go live.

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