Shiba Inu Community Calls On Ebay To Accept SHIB Payments

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After reports suggested eCommerce giant eBay could soon announce plans for cryptocurrency payments, the ShibArmy has made a renewed push asking eBay to accept SHIB.

As SHIB burning continues, with 1.5 billion burned in February, the Shiba community is seeking to increase the demand for SHIB by pushing for its adoption at major corporations. AMC, for example, is already set to implement SHIB payments on March 19.


So, could eBay dip its toe in the crypto-water through SHIB payments? Let’s take a look.

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SHIB x eBay Payments Wanted

Following the release of eBay’s crypto rumours, SHIB holders flocked to Twitter to encourage the company to accept SHIB.

Shiba Growth Breed member Gossip SHIB was among those pushing the hardest. Retweeting an article with the rumours, she said: “Hello, eBay. Can I pay in SHIB, please?”


She later followed up with a larger plan for a Shiba/eBay collaboration that involved the Shiba Lands sale.

This isn’t the first time the Shiba Inu community has called on eBay, however. A similar rally formed after eBay replied to a SHIB holder in eBay about potentially accepting SHIB payments. It said:

Now we're fully separated from PayPal, we're definitely looking at ways to help expand payment options for buyers and sellers.

If eBay was to partner with a third-party service to process its crypto transactions, then the likes of BitPay and NOWPayments are among those that could be in consideration - both of which support SHIB.

Aside from eBay, SHIB holders are looking forward to the eventual rollout of ShibaNet - the Shiba ecosystem’s own decentralised marketplace. However, this is likely some way off, with plenty of projects on the Shiba roadmap set to come first.