Shiba Inu Gaming Guild To Launch For NFT Gaming, And It Includes Burning Mechanics

Shiba Inu Gaming Guild logo in front of blurred gaming PC.
Credit: PawZone/Resul Kaya/Unsplash

Shiba Inu Gaming Guild logo in front of blurred gaming PC.
Credit: PawZone/Resul Kaya/Unsplash

2022 looks to be a strong year for NFT gaming. With a variety of new NFT play-to-earn games coming out this year, and the Shiba Inu Game launching soon after, players will have plenty of choices when it comes to play-to-earn.

However, there’s a big problem: starting NFT games is expensive. With the best NFTs selling for thousands of dollars, prospective players cannot afford to jump into these games. This is where DAOs, or gaming guilds, come in to play. By collectively pooling resources in a treasury, guilds allow players to earn through these games without the high costs.

And now, the Shiba Inu community has its first gaming guild, complete with burning mechanics. Planet Crypto spoke to JD Hatefi, creator of the Shiba Inu Gaming Guild and PawZone, to find out more.

Shiba Inu Gaming Guild

Through the Shiba Inu Gaming Guild, or Shiba Inu GG, members will be able to earn in play-to-earn titles using the guild’s NFTs, funded through the treasury.

According to Hatefi, the guild will hold assets from several blockchains, including Ethereum and Solana. This leaves the guild open to a variety of games, from Star Atlas, to Axie Infinity, and the Shiba Game.

However, Hatefi stressed that the games covered by Shiba Inu GG depend on guild members, also known as the PawFighters. “It is completely up to the community,” he said. ”We want them to have the decision making for the games that we're going choose.”

Hatefi said the guild has been “purposefully designed for the Shiba Inu community” It will also include mechanics to burn SHIB tokens through the earnings of guild members. “A percentage of what the guilt receives in return for every member's participation and efforts will also be sent to the ship burn address,” he said. The Guild has since confirmed that 10% of the total earnings will be burned.

While the BONE token will be used for decisions within Doggy DAO, Shiba Inu’s upcoming governance system, this would not work for the Gaming Guild, as non-members would have a sizeable impact on its system. Instead, Hatefi compared Shiba Inu GG to a subDAO of the main Doggy DAO, complete with its own token.

PAW Token

To fund the treasury, and participate in the voting, guild members will need to purchase the Gaming Guild’s $PAW token. Of course, when questioned on the necessity for another token, which may cause some scepticism among SHIB holders, Hatefi said he wanted to reassure the community of its legitimacy and necessity to the project.

“We're not building a memecoin here just to do a pump and dump,” he said. “If I wanted to do a pump and dump memecoin, I wouldn’t be showing myself to the public.

“I’m trying to be as transparent as possible because that is, I think, something that is lacking extremely in the crypto space.

“There is essentially no other effective way than to create another token, because of the fact that we need a treasury to be able to invest in these assets.”

Aside from its use in the guild, PAW will be used in Pawzaar. This is an NFT marketplace that forms the PawZone when combined with the Shiba Inu Gaming Guild. Pawzaar, which will allow people to sell NFTs for SHIB, will also burn a portion of SHIB for every transaction.

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