Bigger Entertainment Releases 10 Games To Burn SHIB

Shiba Inu character on burning background, on a gaming laptop.
Credit: Hg Creations/Unsplash

Crypto record label and Shiba Inu supporter Bigger Entertainment has added 10 licensed games to its website to aid the burning of SHIB tokens.

The label, which has burned over 1 billion SHIB through the likes of its SHIB Burner playlist and Shiba Inu events, will use ad revenue and in-game purchases to fund SHIB burns.

This follows the rise in successful SHIB burning games such as Bricks Burner, which has destroyed 358 million SHIB.

SHIB Burning Games

After announcing the new game burning method on Twitter, Bigger Entertainment CEO Steven Cooper gave further details about the burn. He said it is still figuring out the total amount burned per game, but it will be “100% after licensing fees”.

The 10 games licensed by Bigger Entertainment span a variety of genres. They include Solitaire, Blackjack, Fireboy & Watergirl, and Impostor - an Among Us-inspired title.

Bigger Entertainment will also add new titles to its collection every week.

After one user questioned the need for another burning game, Cooper said: “People like having options. That would be like us saying there can only be our playlists and our music, no other styles. We need a variety of things that are burning.”

He further added in a separate tweet: “No need to switch if you like Bricks Buster. This is just to add some variety and more options.”

Bricks Buster creator Travis Johnson also congratulated Bigger Entertainment on their new Shiba burning venture.

Shiba Inu burning is the act of destroying SHIB tokens in a bid to reduce the circulating supply. Increasing the scarcity could make each token more valuable. As such, it has attracted a lot of attention from the Shiba community, with the likes of coffee and search engines now contributing towards the burn.

Bigger Entertainment also plans to create its own fantasy league/music NFT game called MixDraft, raising funds for its development and hoping to burn $100,000 in SHIB in the process.

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