How to Transfer NFT from OpenSea to MetaMask

We know that MetaMask supports NFTs, but if you want to transfer NFT from OpenSea to MetaMask, how can you do it?

While OpenSea has emerged as one of the top NFT marketplaces to purchase your NFTs from, it's essential to know how to transfer your NFTs from OpenSea to other crypto wallets. This is often done for better safekeeping and security of your purchased virtual assets.

Many suggest MetaMask as one of the best crypto wallets that boasts robust security measures and storage facilities when it comes to virtual asset security. Although one phishing attack left users wanting to disconnect MetaMask from OpenSea. Let's take a look at how users can transfer their NFTs from OpenSea to MetaMask.

How to Transfer NFT from OpenSea to MetaMask

Here are a few simple steps through which users can transfer their NFTs from OpenSea to MetaMask.

  • Go to your account on OpenSea, and click on the NFT that you wish to transfer
  • Click on send option.
  • Enter your MetaMask wallet address.
  • Pay the transaction fee to initiate the transfer.
  • Check your wallet to see if the NFT has been received. Alternatively, you can verify the transaction has gone through via Etherscan.

Given the number of scams or phishing attacks out there relating to NFTs and MetaMask, it's recommended that you only ever do this directly through the official OpenSea and MetaMask sites. As such, many regulars in the space bookmark these sites to speed up the process.

OpenSea To MetaMask Transfer Fee

While transferring NFTs from OpenSea to MetaMask, a user incurs a nominal transferring charge to initiate the transaction.

These charges normally ranges between $10-$20.

The charges are to be paid at the end of the transaction when you tap on confirm to commence the transfer

How To View Your NFTs In MetaMask?

The received NFTs are stored in MetaMask under a tab called "Collectibles." To view the NFTs received, a user must:

  • Find the NFT address, and copy the address found.
  • Go to MetaMask mobile, click add NFTs and select Collectible> Add Collectibles
  • Enter the NFT address and Collectible ID to view your received NFT.

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