How To Transfer Cryptocurrency From Coinbase To Binance

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As cryptocurrency grows, more users are gaining the confidence to transfer their cryptocurrency between exchanges, including between Coinbase and Binance.

Whether because of better deals, Coinbase error codes, or you just want a change, users can transfer their cryptocurrency from Coinbase to Binance, and also from Binance to Coinbase. The cryptocurrency market encourages investors to conduct transactions on these exchanges before transferring their traded assets in a secured wallet.

As transferring cryptocurrency can be tricky, we've broken down how to transfer your crypto assets from Coinbase to Binance.


Transferring Crypto from Coinbase To Binance

First, you must have an active user account on both the exchanges to send cryptocurrency from one wallet to another.

When transferring from Coinbase to Binance, find your wallet address on Binance, and keep it handy. This is vital to get correct, as entering an incorrect address may result in losing your assets.

Once you have saved the address, click on the send part of the Coinbase wallet. This will direct you towards a pop-up tab.

The tab will then ask you to enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to transfer from Coinbase into your Binance wallet.

Then, enter or paste your Binance wallet you saved earlier into the required section. Click on the pay with field and select the type of cryptocurrency you want to transfer into the Binance account.

Double-check the details before hitting the send button, which will complete the transaction. You can also view the history of your transaction by clicking on the transaction overview tab.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Conducting A Crypto Transfer.

A cryptocurrency transfer is a sensitive task and requires the complete attention of the user. To perform such tasks with ease, Binance has already issued a complete guide on how to conduct crypto transfers without encountering any mishaps during the process. Before commencing any such transactions, a user must ensure:

  • The cryptocurrency that a user wants to transfer is listed on both exchanges.
  • Double-checking the wallet addresses before hitting send can help you validate your transaction.
  • Transfer a small amount of crypto first to check whether the address is active or not.
  • Network compatibility is equally important hence a user must select a solid network to commence the transaction with.

For any further enquiries, we recommend checking out the following guides by Coinbase and Binance

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[Image: Old Money/Unsplash]