FIFA Metaverse: FIFA Applies For World Cup Metaverse Trademarks

FIFA Metaverse
Credit: Unsplash

The growing metaverse frenzy that has forged the BAYC Metaverse and the Shiba Inu Metaverse is moving to new domains, with a FIFA Metaverse being the latest rumoured project.

Ahead of the World Cup 2022, FIFA has filed for metaverse trademarks for the 2026 instalment, potentially hinting at virtual content during the competition.

With a growing list of the best metaverse games and metaverse NFTs eating into the crypto sphere, here's a look at the FIFA metaverse.

FIFA Applies For World Cup Metaverse Trademarks

FIFA has submitted a metaverse application that will permit the organisation to digitise various elements of FIFA 2026.

According to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, FIFA has filed a trademark for selling virtual clothing surrounding the World Cup, alongside a retail store to sell these goods in.

This merchandise encompasses different products, such as online garments and devices and sporting equipment that users can purchase and enjoy.

However, it doesn't stop with the metaverse merch. FIFA also filed trademarks for more financial, crypto-specific areas. These include for generic financial services, virtual stock trading, and even cryptocurrency exchanges.

FIFA has previously established crypto deals with Algorand and in its bid to dominate the Web3 format. Algorand will serve as the brand's governing blockchain and digital strategist while will be FIFA's official exchange partner.

It is still unclear whether FIFA will actually use these trademarks to move further into the Web3 world. Currently, there is no guarantee this will happen. It could simply be a case of preventing would-be scammers from making a World Cup Inu coin to rug pull.

FIFA is not the only product linked with crypto in the future. Rumours of an Amazon Digital Currency, and GTA 6 Cryptocurrency support are just a few that holders hope to see.

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