GTA 6 Cryptocurrency: Will GTA Feature Bitcoin Or Cryptocurrency?

GTA 5 cryptocurrency

GTA 5 cryptocurrency

Despite all the new NFT games launching with new cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency has yet to jump into major AAA releases, but GTA 6 cryptocurrency rumours suggest this won't be long.

With a GTA 6 release date reportedly slated for 2024-2025, reports suggest the game will include its own form of cryptocurrency.

However, this might not play out as you think.

Will GTA 6 Feature Bitcoin Or Cryptocurrency?

As GTA 6 has not even been formerly announced yet, there is no way to know for sure that it will feature Bitcoin or cryptocurrency within its ecosystem.

However, the latest from Tom Henderson suggests that GTA 6 missions could reward players in Bitcoin rather than cash.

Rockstar Games, the creators of the GTA game, had previously introduced a stock market building in its game through which users had access to various stocks and shares. According to Henderson, the crypto functionality in GTA 6 will come via access to a broker.

The crypto addition wouldn't be a surprise considering the game has a knack for introducing astonishing real-life simulation events and places to make the game more real and believable.

However, this remains speculation and is yet to be confirmed by Rockstar. Instead, it should be addressed on the surface level for now.

Will GTA 6 Actually Support Cryptocurrency?

While there is a growing number believing cryptocurrency will feature within GTA 6, it's not how many crypto holders would imagine.

According to Henderson, this will feature as an in-game currency, similar to the cash system it already uses.

As such, it would not be a traditional cryptocurrency in a play-to-earn game that lets players withdraw their earnings into the real world. Indeed, as GTA 6 often pokes fun at modern elements, cryptocurrency could function differently or satirically within the game.

We'll keep this post updated when more information comes out.

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