How Esports Tournaments Could Help Burn SHIB

Shiba Inu Coin logo on gaming monitor.
Credit: Unsplash/Ella Don

Shiba Inu Coin logo on gaming monitor.
Credit: Unsplash/Ella Don

Anticipation for the upcoming Shiba Inu Games is reaching a fever pitch, but as the Shiba AMA confirmed, these two games won't contribute towards the overall SHIB burn.

That's not to say gaming is cut off from SHIB burning. If anything, it's the opposite. The Bricks Buster game has contributed over 1 billion SHIB to the burn wallet, for example.

However, a new area of gaming could enter the SHIB burning space - Esports. Planet Crypto spoke to an esports tournament organiser about the potential opportunities this has.

SHIB Tournament Burns

Ivan Rios and his brother, Oz, known as Prof Void and Wicked D. Mage, held one of the first esports tournaments to burn SHIB. Through their SuperVSLeague event, they used entry fees from Marvel v Capcom Infinite players to burn 1.7m SHIB.

Rios expanded on why he believes esports could be so beneficial for SHIB burning. “They go quite well together because a lot of esports events do draw hundreds of viewers,” he said. “And just by watching, you get ad revenue, you're able to sell merchandise. But what we're really trying to find is a scalable solution to burning SHIB.

“We haven't really seen anybody else tournaments, where one we're providing entertainment for the SHIB community. We’re looking for that kind of engagement to support the SHIB Burn Army.”

Posting on Twitter, Bricks Burner creator Travis Johnson praised the tournament. He said: "What a cool concept, that has a potential global reach, and the potential to be a serious burn utility!"

The brothers also hope to expand into new games for upcoming tournaments later in May. “We are looking forward to the new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure,” he said, also naming Super Mario Maker 2 and Tetris as other games they will explore.

However, in the future, this Esports x Shiba burning link could go even further with the launch of the Shiba Inu Games.

As multiplayer card games akin to Hearthstone, these titles will certainly have a competitive element that, if combined with the ShibArmy's passion, could make for a lucrative burning tournament.

Whether through tournament fees, sponsors, or tickets, SHIB's upcoming non-burning games could turn into a burning pillar with tournaments.

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