Crypto exchange to list Shiba Inu BONE ShibaSwap

shiba inu

shiba inu

Crypto exchange will list Shiba Inu's BONE token from February 24.

The surprise listing was announced on the official Shiba Inu Twitter account.

Shiba Inu owners have been yearning for another BONE listing, especially with Shibarium on the horizon.

Shiba Inu BONE listed on crypto exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange will list the Shiba Inu token BONE ShibaSwap on their exchange from February 24.

BONE is a valuable governance token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem and will act as a utility token on Shibarium once it’s released.

On Shibarium, users will be able to stake their BONE tokens to become network validators and earn interest on their BONE holdings for contributing to network upkeep. announced that BONE trading will begin at 4:00 AM UTC on February 24th 2023.

With the Shibarium beta launch imminent, the Shiba Inu community have called for more exchanges to list Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens such as BONE and LEASH.

Many speculators believe that after Shibarium is released, demand for Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens will increase and exchanges will be compelled to list them.

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