Bitstamp: The Final Exchange Yet To List Shiba Inu After Robinhood Listing

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Shiba Inu Coin logo next to a trading chart image
Credit: olieman.eth/Unsplash

With Robinhood now listing Shiba Inu, most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges now support SHIB, with one exception.

Bitstamp - one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, forming in 2011 as an alternative to the now-defunct Mt. Gox - previously said it would list SHIB, only to then delay this listing to a later date. And now, with the pressure off of Robinhood, it seems some Shiba holders are seeking a new place to lobby for a listing, with Bitstamp being a potential candidate.

Here’s a look at Bitstamp and their potential Shiba Inu listing.

Shiba Inu Bitstamp Listing

In December 2021, Bitstamp announced it would list SHIB, much to the delight of the ShibArmy. With over 4 million users worldwide, its listing of Shiba Inu would be yet another potential boost to the SHIB userbase.

However, just one day later, Bitstamp announced it was delaying the SHIB listing, citing technical problems. Then, on December 15, the exchange confirmed these technical delays meant the Shiba Inu listing would happen in 2022.

Bitstamp did not disclose the specifics of the technical issues facing the SHIB listing. It already supports a number of tokens on the Ethereum network, however, such as Gala and Basic Attention Token.

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It has since provided two comments on SHIB in 2022, both reaffirming the Shiba Inu listing is still coming, but they are working on some technical adjustments first.

While the ShibArmy was supportive of Bitstamp’s delay, and praised its openness and transparency, since Robinhood listed SHIB, holders have begun asking for more details about Bitstamp’s plans for SHIB.


Indeed, following the Robinhood listing, some holders have started commenting on Bitstamp’s latest tweets asking about SHIB.

Of course, nothing seems to have changed from Bitstamp’s perspective, with a Shiba Inu listing still planned for 2022. Unlike the other exchanges SHIB holders have rallied around, they have explicit plans to list Shiba Inu. We just don’t know when.

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