Binance Crypto Box Code: How To Participate In Binance Pay Crypto Box Giveaway

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Binance crypto box giveaway promotion is live offering users a grand prize of 10 BUSD but do you know the Binance crypto box code to unlock the BUSD reward?

Extending the legacy of hosting promotional endeavours, Binance has now introduced a Binance crypto box code giveaway to keep users engaged and entertained.

Earlier the crypto exchange had launched the Binance Bitcoin button game, followed by Binance Quiz and Binance Crypto Wodl to let users familiarise themselves with the basics of cryptocurrency trading and knowledge. And now, it's back with another crypto game. Let's take a look.

Binance Crypto Box Code

The Binance Crypto Box code to unlock the 10 BUSD is "BINANCEPAY".

While some users are wondering whether other codes exist to unlock additional rewards, this does not seem to be the case at the moment.

The only other codes that exist come from private Crypto Box gifts. The Crypto Box feature allows Binance users to send crypto gifts to friends, who use pins to unlock these gifts.

Binance's new crypto box giveaway will only last until 31st July, 2022.

How To Participate In Binance Pay Crypto Box Giveaway

Binance Pay is hosting a new promotional event in which the firm is distributing free crypto boxes containing 10 BUSD worth of crypto rewards.

These boxes are offered to users on a first come first serve basis and are available in limited quantities. The Binance Crypto Box Giveaway will only last until July 31.

The total prize pool amounts to 1,000,000 worth of BUSD which users can avail of by registering through Binance Pay. To do so, a user must:

  • Visit the Binance app.
  • Tap on Binance Pay.
  • Select crypto box.
  • Enter the Binance crypto box code "BINANCEPAY".
  • Claim a crypto box containing 10 BUSD.

However, new Binance users will only be able to claim 5 BUSD.

So, for those users lucky enough to get their free cryptocurrency, what next? Well you might want to check out how to transfer cryptocurrency from Binance to MetaMask, or withdraw from Binance entirely.

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