Battle Infinity Crypto: What is IBAT?

Battle Infinity
Credit: Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity
Credit: Battle Infinity

With new NFT cryptocurrency games being launched each day, Battle Infinity is the newest addition to the collection that intends to redefine the genre of NFT mobile games.

Battle Infinity is all about discovering new teams and accessing multiple P2E sports games to accumulate IBAT, a native token that serves a variety of real-world purposes.

Launched as a new NFT project intended to draw more users and build relevant use cases for IBAT tokens, the game has already been making headlines. Let's take a look at what this game is all about.

What is Battle Infinity crypto?

Inspired by the Axie Infinity gaming model, Battle infinity a new blockchain gaming platform hosting several play-to-earn NFT games. The game combines the popular characteristics of Metaverse, NFTs, and crypto to offer a seamless gaming experience to its users.

Built as a fantasy sports blockchain game, the platform allows players to access a variety of virtual sports games including cricket, football, rugby, and basketball to compete with other potential users.

As a platform, Battle Infinity has six products within its ecosystem that it plans to launch in the future. These are: Battle Swap, Battle Market, Battle Games, Battle Arena, Battle Stake and the IBAT Premier League.

Players will use Battle Swap, IBAT's DEX, to swap native tokens. They can also access Battle Market which provides IBAT players to purchase important in-game equipment, avatars, weapons, and products.

Alongside Battle Market, players can also explore Battle Arena and Battle Games in which the former allows users to scour the in-game metaverse speak to other players, while the latter permits users to access multiple NFT games as mentioned above.

Another premium element that Battle infinity boasts about is its Battle Stake option. This will allow users to earn more yields by staking their IBAT possessions.

Last but not the least, IBAT Premier League offers these players an opportunity to build and govern virtual gaming teams to battle it out with other enemy teams. To compete, users will be required to purchase an NFT pass to receive a budget that further enables them to build and manage their teams.

However, these are all planned products that have yet to launch. Instead, they are spread out across the Battle Infinity Roadmap.

Battle Infinity roadmap

Currently in Phase 3, the next stages for Battle Infinity in Phase 4 will see the full Battle Swap mainnet launch, and the Battle Market launch. It hopes to launch the Battle Game in Phase 5, followed by Battle Arena in Phase 6.

However, the Battle Infinity roadmap does now contain any actual dates. This means there is no information as to when it could launch.

We'll keep this page updated when more concrete dates come out.

Battle Infinity price and how to buy

Currently, the game is undergoing a presale period phase, where users can purchase 166,666.66 IBAT for one BNB. Using the current price of BNB, the price of 1 IBAT works out at $0.0018. However, this is only the pre-sale price, and is not reflective of the actual price.

As it remains in the presale, players can only buy IBAT through the Battle Infinity website. However, the presale has now sold out, raising 16530.67 BNB, valued at $5.22 million.

According to its tokenomics, the total IBAT circulation is 10 billion IBAT.

Battle Infinity comes into the play-to-earn market at a time where it is already pretty saturated. With the likes of Illuvium and Shiba Eternity set to launch in 2022, the crypto gaming space is growing more crowded.

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