Illuvium Game Release Date: Illuvium Launch Delayed Until 2022

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August 1, 2022: Updated to reflect the latest information and dates concerning the Illuvium game launch.

The open-world decentralized game Illuvium raised $5m from investors earlier this year, but when is the blockchain-based auto battler’s release date?

Illuvium will join a variety of other new NFT games in the cryptocurrency space. This includes Axie Infinity, Bomb Crypto, and in the future, a Shiba Inu game.

Here’s when you can expect to jump into the world of Illuvium.

Illuvium Release Date

The Illuvium release date has been pushed back further into 2022, as announced by Illuivum co-founder Kieran Warwick in the Illuvium Discord server on August 30.

"It was always a challenge to deliver a AAA title in the time-frame set," Warwick said. "And we (mainly me) were probably a little naive thinking we could do it in 2021, but rest assured, our team is firing on all cylinders."

Illuvium will release as an Open Beta in Q1 2022 after previously being slated for a December 2021 launch. This is because the team "look to include a larger scope."

According to the Illuvium co-founder, the team is "around 20% off" where it needed to be. To reduce the likelihood of further delays, Illuivum has brought in a full-time recruitment team

The full release of Illuvium was previously expected for Q4 2021, although with this delay to the Open Beta, the date was pushed back to 2022.

Previous roadmaps – alongside Illuvium’s current FAQs – suggested the game could release in Q3 2021, which ends in September.

The mobile launch is expected to happen after the PC release. This should take place in 2022, with Illuvium also commenting it has plans for console versions.

A “Second Major Illuvium Title” will then release in 2023.

However, these dates remain subject to change depending on any development issues that may arise. Indeed, the January blog post said that "two hacks caused delays to essential products", although did highlight many areas the team continues to push through with.

The firm has recently unveiled the Illuvium land sale for gaming enthusiasts, enabling users to buy virtual plots of land in the game. There are 20,000 plots of land available for minting which can be used by users to build industrial complexes and diversify their in-game resources.

Illuvium Closed Beta Date

Illuvium had earlier stated in its FAQs: “The process for gaining access to the closed beta will be revealed closer to those months.”

According to its Discord server, the developers are creating a form for players to register their interest in the beta.

Ahead of the closed beta, players should expect Illuvium to release its first full-auto battler gameplay trailer. This was expected to release by the end of August, but has been pushed back by 7 weeks, as announced in the Illuvium Discord server.

According to sources, A closed beta is still slated for the Q1 2022 Launch. A second private beta is scheduled to launch in mid Q1 2022. a mobile game version will also be launched by the end of 2022.

Illuvium Latest News Section

The Illuvium team has tweeted new details concerning the highly anticipated Illuvium game. The team has teased a new in-game avatar which will soon be introduced by the llluvium team.

In addition to this, the team has also introduced a new element called "overworlds" in the game.

In Overworlds, illuvials are expected to find illuvial wakes, which are caused by illuvials who somehow are able to avoid full exposure in the world.

Players will be allowed challenge these illuvials to increase their battle prowess and level up accordingly.

[Featured Image by Illuvium]

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