Ubisoft+ Could Still Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass - Report

We had heard back in January that Ubisoft's own subscription service, Ubisoft+ could be added to Xbox Game Pass, and it now appears that the move could still be happening.

Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat has now weighed in on the topic as part of GamesBeat Decides, and Microsoft is "trying to make that happen".

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Ubisoft+ Could Still Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass - Report

Speaking on the show, Grubb explained that the idea is to acquire Ubisoft's back catalog for the service, as opposed to select titles.

"I think it's Ubisoft+, yes. I think it's that part. I'm not for sure, but that's my understanding, is that they're trying to make that happen."

"What that looks like, if they're adding another $5 thing into [Xbox Game Pass] Ultimate or if there's going to be tiers to get all these things involved, I honestly don't know - that is me speculating. But, I do think they are trying to figure out a way to bring Ubisoft+ in. I think that'd be a pretty big deal."

Microsoft added EA Play to Xbox Game Pass at the launch of the Xbox Series S and X consoles, but while this includes "The Vault" (a variety of older titles playable for as long as you want), new games are offered with a ten-hour free trial.

For unlimited access to EA's newest titles, you'll need an EA Play Pro membership – currently only available on PC, and priced the same as Ubisoft's offering.

It'll be interesting to see if Ubisoft opts for tiers as with EA's option, as the current version also allows for day one new releases.

After Microsoft acquired Zenimax officially this month, it added a huge number of Bethesda games to the service.

Game Pass will also get Outriders from Square Enix on launch day.

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