COD Mobile Season 2 Patch Notes, Game Modes, Bug Fixes, Weapon Balancing And Everything You Need To Know

The second season of 2021 for COD Mobile is right around the corner.

Season Two will feature a wide variety of new content including the return of fan-favourite maps, new characters and so much more.

As with the start of a brand-new season, a large patch implementing the new content along with various bug fixes and weapon balancing is expected.

Find the Season 2 patch notes and all the changes made to the game below!

COD Mobile Season 2 2021 Patch Notes


New Ranked Season

The latest season of Ranked play for COD Mobile is set to begin at the start of Season 2. It will run until May.

Players will be able to earn a brand new QXR blueprint alongside a new outfit for Kruger.

New Event Rewards

The SP-R 208 from Modern Warfare and the Recon Perk will be able to be earned.

Known for its incredible power and mobility, the SP-R 208 is deadly in any mid-range duels while Recon provides the ability to earn a view of enemy locations after scoring a kill.

Multiplayer Maps

Two new maps will be making an appearance at the start of Season 2.

Shipment and Shoot House will be the latest additions to the ever-expanding map pool.

Multiplayer Modes

For those that love snipers, this game mode is for you!

Coming in Season 2, Sniper Shootout will see players compete across a variety of maps and game modes only using sniper rifles.

Multiplayer Improvements and Fixes

  • Increased vertical recoil control of the OWC Ranger Barrel Attachment for MSMC.
  • Aiming shot time reduction for YKM Stock attachments for S36, UL736, RPD and M4 light machine guns has been increased.
  • The negative effect of the OWC Ranger Barrel Attachment for HBRa3 has been reduced.
  • DL Q33's damage increases to 90 and wall penetration damage increases.
  • Aim shot time reduction for DR-H No Stock attachments has been increased.
  • Screen shake is reduced when No Stock attachment for DR-H is equipped.
  • The accuracy of the ICR-1 No Stock attachment and the KRM Battle Stock attachment has been slightly reduced.
  • Screen shake slightly increases when No Stock attachment is equipped to ASM10.
  • Arctic.50: Reduced the damage multiplier for the legs of 50 wall penetration damage and MIP blocking magazine attachments.
  • Lethality is now reduced when hitting a leg through a wall.
  • Arctic. 50's Intercept Shot ammo capacity reduced from 20 to 15 and max capacity reduced from 40 to 30.
  • Aiming shot time increased from 12% to 30% and firing interval increased from 40% to 50%.
  • War machine explosion radius has been reduced.
  • War Machine damage reduction effect has been reduced.
  • The damage range of Gravity Spikes has been reduced.
  • The Annihilator's damage to Stealth Helicopters, XS1 Goliath, VTOL, Shield Turrets and Transform Shields has been slightly reduced.
  • Soldiers with Dead Silence Puck no longer hear their footsteps and their audible range of running is reduced.
  • You can jump while moving along the wall.
  • Optimized speed control when moving next to a wall/obstacle.
  • Optimized the player's hitbox when switching between standing, sitting, and prone positions.
  • Increases the number of frames per second for the character.
  • Enemy movements and movements are improved more precisely and smoothly.
  • Optimized sound effects for various locations so that players can more accurately locate enemies.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck when passing through a window sill.
  • Fixed an issue that caused soldiers to get stuck for a while when crossing the shortcut next to the laundry in the raid.
  • Fixed a crash error in some specific scenes in Takeoff.
  • Fixed a crash error in certain scenes in Tunisia.

Battle Royale

New Game Mode

Tank Battle will see players drop into a match and attempt to acquire parts to build a tank.

As always, the last team or player standing wins the match but with most players patrolling the map in a tank, the action can escalate in an instant!

New Vehicle

The Cargo Truck from Warzone has been added into COD Mobile Battle Royale, providing a new means of transport to traverse the map.

Loot Pool Updates

The Season 2 update has bought in a brand-new pool of weapons that can be obtained in supply crates or from the ground.

  • General: AK117 / SKS / M4 light machine gun / GKS
  • Advanced: AK47 / Man-O-War / M21 EBR / RUS-74U / BY15 / KRM-262
  • Rare: AK117 / BK57 / FR. 556 / HVK-30 / Peacekeeper MK2 / AS VAL / LOCUS / SP-R 208 / M4 Light Machine Gun / Razorback / QQ9 / QXR / KRM-262
  • Epic: Type25 / ICR-1 / DR-H / BK57 / KN-44 / AS VAL / Man-O-War / Peacekeeper MK2 / HVK-30 / DL Q33 / SKS / Chopper / RUS-74U / GKS / QQ9
  • Legend: M4 / Man-O-War / AS VAL / HVK-30 / SP-R 208 / M4 Light Machine Gun / QXR / GKS

Battle Royale Improvements and Fixes

A full list of fixes and improvements made to COD Mobile BR can be found below.

  • Accuracy of aiming shots of all weapons has been increased.
  • Increased horizontal recoil control for all weapons.
  • Popular weapons such as AK-47 and AK117 have a lower control gain than other weapons.
  • The target designation time of FHJ-18 is changed to 1 second.
  • FHJ-18's projectile firing speed is reduced to 110m/s and accelerates to maximum speed after firing.
  • The accuracy rate of sub-machine guns and shotguns is greatly increased.
  • Sniper rifle recoil control is greatly increased.
  • Tempest damage and damage radius increase.
  • Annihilator's range has been increased, and enemies can now be eliminated with 2 shots at any distance
  • Increased projectile distance for all killing and tactical weapons.
  • When the cluster bomb sticks to an object, a warning is displayed and the direction of the bomb is displayed on the screen.
  • Discarded firearms no longer display remaining ammunition.
  • Wingsuit landing behavior has been optimized.
  • Optimized server tick rate.
  • Optimized the player's hitbox when switching between standing, sitting, and prone positions.
  • The number of frames per second of the character increases and the movement and movement of the enemy are improved more precisely and smoothly.
  • Optimized sound effects for various locations so that players can more accurately locate enemies.

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