COD Mobile: Leak Reveals Shoot House Map Is Coming Soon

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The launch of Season One for Call of Duty: Mobile is fast approaching.

To mark the first season of post-launch content of 2021, the developers have opted to return to number one as opposed to naming it Season 14.


As always, fans and players are expecting a wealth of new content to arrive, including weapons, operator skins, cosmetics, and new multiplayer maps.

With preparation for the new season in full swing, one player has leaked footage of a new map that could arrive at some point during Season One.

For Modern Warfare fans, the map will be extremely familiar.

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Shoot House Coming To COD Mobile

Shoot House COD Mobile

COD Mobile’s version of Shoot House was discovered in a Chinese beta testing server and soon after, footage emerged of the map within the game.

Based on the footage within the video, the map remains unchanged from its console and PC counterpart and is another great addition to the map pool.


The popular map from the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare is making its debut on COD Mobile, just over a year since it was introduced onto consoles.

The relatively small map gained immense popularity thanks to its long lines of sight down the middle lane of the map along with fast-paced gameplay to suit those that prefer to get a little more aggressive during a match.

With so many ways to play, the inclusion of Shoot House is likely to prove popular with players.

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Shoot House Release Date

With the official reveal of brand-new map Reclaim, Shoot House arriving in COD Mobile could be a while away.

The addition of Shoot House will be another iconic map to arrive in COD Mobile, which already features the likes of Raid, Standoff, Crossfire and more classic maps from the franchise.

It’s likely that more beta testing will take place before it makes its way into the map pool. Perhaps we will see it later on in Season One? We will have to wait and find out.