COD: Mobile Legendary Gunzo Skin - How To Unlock

Looking to find out how to unlock the COD: Mobile Legendary Gunzo skin in Season 9? The game's latest season, COD: Mobile Nightmare, is off to a brilliant start with its Halloween-themed events and rewards. Players are excited to see all the new game modes that will arrive in the coming weeks.

At the same time, a couple of new weapons were added to the game, and players will have to complete seasonal challenges to obtain them. Nevertheless, the highlight of this season remains the Legendary Gunzo skin, which is now available for purchase. This is the fifth legendary skin in COD: Mobile following the release of Dark Nikto, Mace Final Guard, Ghost, and Reaper Asura. Fans are excited to see how the developer is incorporating pop-culture-inspired outfits in the game.

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COD: Mobile Legendary Gunzo Skin Takes A Page From Batman Comics

The latest Legendary Gunzo skin in COD: Mobile is the spitting image of the Batman who laughs from DC Comics. Inspiration for this character was taken from the darkest portrayal of Batman, which saw the caped crusader rise as the clown prince of Gotham.

This is not the first time an outfit was inspired by popular culture in COD: Mobile. Previously, fans witnessed lucky draw collaborations that included John McClane, Rambo, Jigsaw, and even Reaper Asura. However, the stark resemblance between the in-game character and an iconic comic book superhero makes this lucky draw the best one in COD: Mobile so far.

The default Gunzo skin was first released in COD: Mobile back in 2020, and players got their first tryst with the creepy clown from Advanced Warfare. It became increasingly popular, which is why the developer released two other skin variants for Gunzo.

Now, the fourth variant for Gunzo is finally here, and players can acquire it from the Unhinged Jokester Draw. The Legendary Gunzo skin has numerous voice lines that represent the mischievous nature of his character in COD: Mobile. Players will also get to see the kill count on Gunzo's arm-tracker, similar to all the other legendary skins.

This image features all ten rewards from the Unhinged Jokester Draw in COD: Mobile Season 9.
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Credit: Activision
All rewards in Unhinged Jokester Draw in COD: Mobile

How Do I Acquire All Rewards In the Unhinged Jokester Draw?

The Unhinged Jokester Draw consists of ten levels, and you can unlock all of them by spending COD Points. Every cosmetic in the lucky draw is of epic variant or higher, and players can also acquire the Legendary Thumper from this draw.

Here are all the rewards from the Unhinged Jokester Draw:

  • Clown - Step Right Up (Epic)
  • Emote - Jack In The Bomb (Epic)
  • Backpack - Powered by laughter (Epic)
  • Parachute - Step Right Up (Epic)
  • Tank - Step Right Up (Epic)
  • Gunzo - Avatar Card (Epic)
  • Man-O-War - Vicious Party (Epic Blueprint)
  • Getting Started - Calling Card (Legendary)
  • Thumper - Surprise Party (Legendary)
  • Gunzo - Devil Jester (Legendary)

Players cannot acquire specific cosmetic items from the lucky draw and will have to spend CP every time to get a new reward. To get all ten cosmetic items from the lucky draw, players will have to spend around 5000-6000 CP.

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