COD: Mobile Flash Drone - How To Unlock

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COD: Mobile Season 9 is now live, and players are beginning to earn rewards from all the new content added with the latest update. A new Tactical Equipment, the Flash Drone, was added to the game, which enhances the flashing ability in multiplayer mode.

The Flash Drone is only available in the game's multiplayer mode as an unlockable reward from seasonal challenges. The weapon's description states that the device releases a Flash Drone that blocks enemy vision.

Season 9 comes with a fresh Battle Pass that includes numerous seasonal events, full of tasks and quests for players to complete. One of the latest seasonal events in COD: Mobile is called 'In Plain Sight' and players can unlock the Flash Drone by completing this event.

Before jumping into the guide, make sure to check the COD: Mobile Season 9 patch notes to see all the new changes in the game. At the same time, brush up on our Blackout NPC guide to complete all the challenges in BR mode.

COD: Mobile Flash Drone - How To Complete the In Plain Sight Challenge

In the latest Season 9, COD: Mobile players will find the In Plain Sight mission in the Seasonal Events tab. The challenge comprises seven stages, and completing each will unlock a free cosmetic reward.

As an added bonus, the developer added two rare AK-47 and Artic 50 blueprints as grindable rewards from this seasonal challenge. Here are all the stages players will have to complete to unlock the Flash Drone in COD: Mobile Season 9.

  • Play five multiplayer matches
  • Throw any tactical equipment 15 times in multiplayer matches
  • Kill ten enemies with any Thermite Grenade
  • Kill 15 enemies with any MK2 in multiplayer matches equipped with Tactician perk
  • Kill 25 enemies with AK-47 in multiplayer equipped with Tactician Perk
  • Destroy an enemy's scorestreak with EMP tactical grenade three times
  • Win three multiplayer matches with the Hard Wired perk equipped

The Flash Drone will become one of the strongest pieces of tactical equipment in Season 9, simply because of how overpowered it seems on paper. Imagine pushing a site during domination and you have to sneak past a few enemies to get the early points. This is where the Flash Drone will have maximum efficiency, as it can be best used to block an enemy's line of sight.

Similarly, it can be an impressive tool when used for escape situations, but it's highly unlikely that anyone would use this tactical passively. Another advantage of having the Flash Drone is that it provides instant cover from camping snipers. Aggressive players will appreciate the Flash Drone since it demands a shorter animation time to equip the flash as compared to a regular flashbang grenade.

COD: Mobile In Plain Sight Challenge Rewards


Here are all the rewards for completing the In Plain Sight seasonal challenge in COD: Mobile Season 9.

  • (Uncommon) Backpack - Shocking
  • (Uncommon) MK2 - Shocking
  • (Uncommon) AK47 - Shocking
  • (Rare) Arctic .50 - Voltaic Garden
  • (Rare) Calling Card - Full Moon
  • New Tactical Equipment - Flash Drone

The Flash Drone will enable you to take on multiple enemies at once in Season 9. This device forms a dome encompassing the area where it is launched, and every enemy in that zone will get flashed. The Flash Drone sounds like a new meta-changing tactical weapon, so make sure to unlock it before others to have a competitive edge in the multiplayer mode.

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