COD Mobile Legendary Ghost: How To Get All Cosmetics From The Omnipotent Draw?

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COD Mobile Season 5 has been a treat for fans so far. Activision has introduced a few unique challenges which players can grind to earn rewards.

At the same time, the publishers also introduced some new Operators who will contribute to the narrative arc. Merrick, a fan-favourite character from Call Of Duty: Ghosts was introduced in Season 5 battle pass.


Although that is just the tip of the iceberg, as the developers have hinted at a new Legendary Operator coming to the game.

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Legendary Ghost Operator

Activision recently announced that a new legendary character is coming to COD Mobile and it's none other than Simon Ghost Riley.

This marks the third addition to the legendary operators' list in COD Mobile. Earlier, fans got Dark Nikto and Forged Steel Mace as the first two legendary operators in the game.

Fans are quite excited to see that their favourite character Ghost is returning to the COD Mobile franchise. He was brutally murdered in cold blood by the Templar, an ally of the five knights.

Now, with Ghost returning to the game, players can expect some massive narrative changes with respect to the Bravo Six storyline.


Release Date

According to data miners, and popular leakers, the new Omnipotent Draw is coming to COD Mobile on July 23rd, 2021. Fans can keep an eye on the official COD Mobile Twitter handle to stay up-to-date with all the announcements.

Popular content creators took to social media to reveal what the character will look like in-game. They also posted a cinematic trailer the Legendary Ghost Operator using a new Shotgun. This new weapon is being called the Shorty, and it will feature as a legendary weapon in the upcoming Lucky Draw.


The price for the Lucky Draw was not revealed by the developers, but we can make a plausible guess based on all the previous legendary operator draws. The entire draw for Dark Nikto and Steel Mace costed players around 5000-7000 COD Points.

Thus, it can be assumed that the Legendary Ghost Draw will have a similar price. We will update this section once the developers reveal the actual pricing for the Lucky Draw.


Omnipotent Draw

The Legendary Ghost character looks different from Nikto and Mace, and will have a green interface instead of traditional red. This legendary character also doesn't have flashy neon lights (like Dark Nikto) or a shiny steel armor (like Forged Steel Mace), which will help players blend in with the environment.

The Omnipotent Draw will also feature the legendary Shotgun. It will be interesting to see how this weapon compliments the character. Players can collect all the rewards from the lucky draw by purchasing all the cosmetic items.

It is also speculated that a K9 Unit named Riley will be present in the Omnipotent Draw. A classic German Shepherd, who will be Ghost's ally in the upcoming season.


Here is a list of all the cosmetics fans can acquire from the Omnipotent Draw:

  • Legendary Ghost Operator - Retribution
  • Folding Knife - Comeback
  • Parachute - Comeback
  • Tank - Comeback
  • Backpack 3 - Comeback
  • Calling Card - On Patrol
  • Charm - Metallic Ghost
  • M4 - Vengeance
  • Emote - Put on a Show
  • Shorty - Last Resort