When Is The CX-9 Coming To Warzone?

Season 3 of Warzone is in full swing and as attention begins to turn to the release of Season 4, many players have been wondering whether one particular weapon will ever be added into the ever-expanding arsenal of weapons on offer.

Ever since the conclusion of Modern Warfare's Season 6 and leaks discovering the presence of new weapons, there have been little to no clues as to when the CX-9 submachine will be released.

Despite being present in Legendary supply boxes on the streets of Verdansk, the CX-9 has proven to be extremely elusive, much to the surprise of players that believe its addition could have a positive impact on the existing metagame.

With that said, when is the CX-9 coming to Warzone?!

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CX-9 Warzone Release Date

CX-9 Warzone Release Date Season 4
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The lack of information surrounding the CX-9 is certainly unusual, especially when a variant of the SMG has already been added to the battle royale.

With many other weapons arriving as part of post-launch seasons, has Activision simply forgotten about intending to release the weapon that could easily find its way into the loadouts of several players?

An official release date for the CX-9 has yet to be confirmed, but there's always a chance that it may appear so don't lose hope just yet!

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Is It Too Late?

With the switch to 1984 Verdansk further embedding Warzone into the Black Ops Cold War story, the addition of a modern-day weapon could be the wrong move if Activision and Raven Software are attempting to maintain some levels of continuity.

But, the publisher did release the PPSh-41 SMG in Season 3 which many players consider being a World War 2 weapon, meaning that many wouldn't mind if it made an appearance.

With the weapon seemingly forgotten about, is it too late for the weapon to find its way into Warzone? Will it arrive in Season 4? We will have to wait and find out.

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