How To Unlock The CX-9 In Warzone

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Since the end of Season 6 for Modern Warfare, there has been a minimal amount of new content arriving in the 2019 release, much to the annoyance of those that are still playing the game. While Modern Warfare may not be receiving new content, Warzone certainly is and with the start of Season 5 right around the corner, the CX-9 submachine gun is FINALLY making an appearance!

Just like many additions to the battle royale, it's likely that there will be two different ways to obtain the CX-9 which could have a huge impact on the close-quarters metagame that's currently dominated by the MP5 from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. In this article, find out how to get your hands on the SMG, as well as the Sykov pistol.

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How To Unlock CX-9 SMG

CX-9 SMG in Modern Warfare
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CX-9 SMG in Modern Warfare

The process of unlocking the CX-9 is incredibly straightforward and based on previous additions to the arsenal, there are two ways to access the highly powerful SMG. The first is by purchasing the Soap Operator Bundle which has recently made an appearance within the in-game store. Once it goes live, simply purchase it to gain access to a CX-9 blueprint.

To unlock the base version of the SMG, players will need to complete an in-game challenge. Here are all the details:

  • Get 2 longshot kills while using an SMG in 5 different matches.