What Does Being Shadowbanned In Warzone Mean?

Throughout its history, Warzone has had a hard time combatting the problem of cheaters in the battle royale. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software and Activision, players are still encountering cheaters when dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island even with shadowbans attempting to stop cheaters.

As Season 3 continues, and with over 500,000 cheaters falling victim to the ban hammer, some players are being hit with shadowbans alongside more permanent bans that even include the cheaters being unable to play Warzone from their PC.

The shadowbans issued by Activision and Raven Software have bene met with a mixed reception, with some players that have never cheated being issued one, much to their annoyance.

But what exactly is a shadowban and how does it impact the player base?

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What Is A Warzone Shadowban?

Warzone Shadowban Meaning What It Does
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Shadowbans prevent players suspected of cheating from entering regular matches but instead of banning them completely, the ban puts them against other players that have received a shadowban.

While the system has managed to catch players using cheats to gain an unfair advantage, it has impacted those that are completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

For those not cheating and playing matches against other shadowbanned players, it's certainly an interesting experience.

Games are often filled with cheaters clearly using some kind of software to gain the upper hand on the opposition.

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How To Reverse A Warzone Shadowban

While several users claim to have found some kind of workaround to get back into public Warzone lobbies with the vast majority of the player base, the best way to reverse a shadowban is incredibly simple.

Simply wait for Activision and Raven Software to complete their investigations and the shadowban will be lifted.

Investigations usually take around six to eight days to complete and once they're done, you'll be able to drop back into normal lobbies.

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