Raven Software Reveals Over 500,000 Warzone Cheaters Have Been Banned

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As Warzone prepares to enter the second half of Season 3, developer Raven Software has been busy when it comes to combatting the ever-present issue of cheaters within the battle royale.

Ever since the game launched in March 2020, cheaters frequently appear on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island, whether they're using some kind of aimbot or wallhack in order to obtain an unfair advantage over their opposition.

With players continuing to express their frustrations surrounding cheaters, the developer has revealed that a huge amount of players using cheats won't be making an appearance in Warzone anytime soon.

Alongside dealing with game-breaking bugs and glitches, players will be pleased to hear the significant progress that has been made to combat cheaters.

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500,000 Warzone Players Banned

500K Warzone Cheaters Banned
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On May 14th, Raven Software revealed that over 500,000 Warzone players that had been caught using cheats have been banned from the battle royale, much to the delight of players that regularly encounter a cheater during matches.

The news comes after the developer confirmed that over 30,000 accounts were banned on May 13th.

Warzone has had an issue with cheaters in almost all of its 14-month history, but thanks to Raven Software and Activision's increased commitment to tackling the problem, it is becoming less likely to encounter a cheater thanks to the regular swinging of the ban hammer.

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Slowly But Surely

Despite the resoundingly positive news surrounding the action taken against cheaters, players are still calling for some kind of dedicated piece of anti-cheat software to be implemented into Warzone.

While the regular ban waves are certainly helping combat the problem, a piece of software that is active at all times of the day would continue to get rid of any players attempting to score a win with some kind of cheats equipped.

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