Raven Software Investigating Warzone Weapon XP Bug

Ranking up weapons in Warzone is hugely important in order to access the full selection of attachments.

With Season 3 of the battle royale in full swing, many are getting to grips with the Nikita AVT assault rifle and the M1916 marksman rifle. One of the fastest ways to increase weapon levels is by taking advantage of a Double XP event.

With the most recent event coming to an end, players have noticed that certain weapons weren't progressing as intended leaving them unable to unlock attachments to use.

Warzone Weapon XP Bug

Players using the KG M40, Volk, AS44, NZ-41, and the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle weren't earning any Weapon XP despite scoring kills on Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Thankfully, the issue hasn't gone unnoticed. On May 3, Raven Software shared it is investigating the issue impacting players. This is certainly positive news for those wanting to reach the highest level with any of the weapons mentioned above.

Raven Software hasn't shared what is causing the issue but it's interesting to note that the bug is only affecting a handful of Vanguard weaponry rather than any guns from Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War.

While the developer never specified the cause, the May 4 update managed to fix the issue allowing all players to rank up the four affected weapons without any problems.

While issues impacting weapon progression aren't ideal, the impressive speed that Raven Software provide a fix is extremely impressive as the developer continues to support Warzone. Let's hope the bug doesn't impact weapons currently dominating the Season 3 meta.

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