Streamers Claim Warzone Aim Assist Received Nerf

Season 3 of Warzone is well underway and as players explore the new map changes to Caldera, some are noticing a significant change to a major feature of the battle royale.

Alongside plenty of buffs and nerfs to a variety of weapons, a number of top Warzone streamers claim the Season 3 patch notes don't reveal all of the changes made by Raven Software.

Aim assist is a hot topic of conversation within the community and it appears the launch of a brand-new season has nerfed the mechanic making it harder for controller players to land their shots.

Warzone Season 3 Aim Assist Nerf

On April 27, NRG Esports content creator JoeWo was quick to notice something relating to aim assist was different compared to how it worked over the course of Season 2. "Am I absolutely faded or did aim assist get nerfed?" asks the streamer.

They weren't the only streamer to notice something wasn't right. UK-based pro player WarsZ also claims aim assist is "feeling weird" following the Season 3 update that introduced the Nikita AVT assault rifle and M1916 marksman rifle into the game.

Has Warzone Aim Assist Changed?

Aim assist issues often affect players across many Call of Duty titles. In the case of Warzone, Raven Software joined forces with Sledgehammer Games to address the issue shortly after problems appeared in Vanguard multiplayer.

It's unclear if Raven Software managed to fix the problem but with many players claiming changes to aim assist have appeared in Season 3, there's a high chance further investigation into Warzone aim assist is required.

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