Warzone Season 4: Best Headsets For Battle Royale Quads

After Warzone's Quads mode was replaced by Realism Quads last week, players deserted the four-man squad mode in protest of Infinity Ward's decision to remove the standard Quads mode.

While we knew the Realism Warzone mode was only going to be temporary, fans will be relieved to see the beloved mode return.

If you've neglected Warzone's squad modes while Realism was available, your communication with teammates might be a bit rusty, which could cost you when it comes to pure win statistics.

If you want to reclaim that edge you have over opponents, we've put together some fantastic headset deals that will be sure to restore your dominance in the Quads mode.

Save Almost 50% on XIBERIA's Pro-Level gaming headset

We all know by now that audio is a vital part of Warzone, yet we are constantly matched up or team up with players who's audio set up is atrocious.

If you know people like that, or if that person is you, then I urge you to buy this XIBERIA Gaming Headset for not only your team's sake but for yours too.

This headset uses 7.1 Surround Sound technology to ensure high quality, clear stereo sound for anyone who buys it. The noise-cancelling mic will perfectly capture your voice while eliminating any annoying background noise, including the awful noise your PS4 makes when playing Warzone. It costs only £39.99- down from £75.99- which is an absolute steal for a headset of this quality.

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Save £30 on this NUBWO gaming headset

If you're in the market for a headset that's a bit cheaper, this NUBWO headset is perfect for you. 

The NUBWO headset is built for long gaming sessions, using lightweight components and fabric foam to ensure you'll be comfortable wearing the headset for hours at a time. With a 50mm speaker driver and noise-cancelling mic, this headset is perfect for locating sneaky enemies in Warzone who love to camp in buildings.

I can also testify for its high-quality output and comfort as I picked up a pair for the launch of The Last of Us 2, and it's perfect for any tense gaming moments you may experience.

You'll want to be extra-quick in snapping up this headset, as its current deal ends TONIGHT! This headset originally cost £59.00 and was reduced to £34.99 (the price when I bought it). It's now just £29.74!

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CLICK HERE TO BUY: NUBWO N16 Gaming Headset- £29.74

Freebie of the Day- Free Trial of Amazon Prime

With Ninja and Shroud leaving Mixer after Microsoft has announced they are closing the streaming platform, we'll likely see streamers from Mixer migrate over to Twitch.

Twitch is owned by Amazon, and being a member of Amazon Prime gives you a bunch of extra perks for Twitch, including a free subscription to any streamer each month! Make sure to sign up so you can help support your favourite streamers who are now restarting on Twitch.

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