Modern Warfare & Warzone: 22nd June Weekly Update: Quads Returns In Warzone, Gaz Operator And More

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With Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone well underway, players have been enjoying the new content; particularly the addition of Captain Price as an Operator.

But fans will be excited to hear that Kyle “Gaz” Garrick is being added to the list of Operators.


Not to mention that Quads is being reinstated to Warzone in the latest weekly update.

Warzone Quads Return

After being replaced by Realism Warzone, Quads now returns to Warzone.

Gaz Operator

One of the heroes of the Campaign and a member of Task Force 141, Kyle “Gaz” Garrick is now playable as an Operator in Modern Warfare including Warzone.


The ‘Gaz Operator’ bundle includes a skin for the Operator plus challenges you can complete to unlock additional skins.

You’ll also instant unlock two-weapon blueprints the Fair Brass and the Tanker, and the Hit Sticks, a blueprint of the Kali Sticks.


New Bundles

New blueprint bundles are being added to the game this week:


The Delivery Boy SMG blueprint and Order Up handgun blueprint are available in the store for a complete quick and aggressive loadout from ‘The Munchies’ bundle.

Or get the highly agile Dynatron LMG blueprint and the extremely accurate Uncertain Futures SMG blueprint in the ‘Megacity Menace’ bundle.

Chaos 10v10 Playlist

A new playlist has been added, featuring 6v6 made maps that host 10 players per team.



Face Off

Face off mashes together 3v3 Gunfight and the standard multiplayer to create team tactical. Play modes like Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind and more.

Infantry Ground War

Ground War, but without the tanks.