Warzone Bug Provides Sykov Pistols With No Recoil And Maximum Accuracy

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As players gear up for Season 3 of Warzone and the release of a brand-new map for only the second time in the history of the battle royale, players have discovered yet another bug within the game.

This time around, it involves the recently-added Sykov pistol which has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to a specific attachment combination that allows players to dominate close-quarters gunfights.

While Raven Software has already confirmed that changes to the pistol will arrive at some point during the upcoming season, this particular exploit sees the Sykov even stronger than it already is, giving it no recoil and maximum accuracy.

Here's everything we know about the exploit and when it's likely to be fixed.

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No Recoil, Maximum Accuracy

Warzone Sykov Pistol Akimbo Max Accuracy No Recoil Bug Exploit How To Do Fix
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Warzone streamer @Stukawaki spotted the exploit and showcased the drastic increase in performance.

As the video shows, the exploit provides incredible levels of accuracy despite the rapid rate of fire and firing the weapon from the hip along with non-existent levels of recoil, making Akimbo Sykovs arguably the strongest close-range weapon to be used in Warzone.

The battle royale is no stranger to bugs and exploits along with overpowered weaponry causing players to voice their frustrations until the developers eventually make some kind of changes to restore some form of balance.

The AUG tactical rifle dominated the vast majority of Season 2 until it received a nerf and it's believed that the Sykov will receive its very own nerf at some point during Season 3.

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When Will It Be Fixed?


Despite the bug already proving problematic, Raven Software has yet to acknowledge the exploit on its Trello board.

Although the developer hasn't added the bug to its Trello, it's more than likely that it is aware of the problem which could be addressed as soon as April 22nd when Season 3 goes live across all platforms.

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