New Sykov Pistol Already Deemed Overpowered By Warzone Players

Just as it looked like there would be no more content arriving in Season 2 of Warzone, Activision quietly added the Sykov pistol into the battle royale, much to the surprise of the often-vocal player base.

As players began to rank up the weapon in order to unlock all of its attachments, some were extremely quick to notice that the pistol is lethal in close-quarters scenarios thanks to its fully-automatic rate of fire combined with the ability to equip two pistols thanks to the Akimbo Weapon Perk.

The addition of the Sykov has already impacted the close-range metagame, with players equipping it into their loadouts in place of the FFAR 1 assault rifle which has dominated close-range combat for several months.

Just hours since the pistol was added to Warzone, players have already deemed the weapon overpowered.

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Sykov Pistol Already Overpowered

Warzone Sykov Pistol Overpowered Akimbo How to Unlock
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Reddit user 'Eloxify' levelled up the Sykov and equipped Akimbo alongside the 80-round magazine and posted a video of it in action.

As the video shows, the player clears out the building full of enemies with ease thanks to the incredible mobility of the pistols along with their immense power.

Warzone is no stranger to overpowered weaponry. Throughout Season 2, the AUG tactical rifle from Black Ops Cold War dominated the metagame until Raven Software finally issued two hefty nerfs to the rifle in order to provide some kind of balance.

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Is A Nerf Incoming?

Considering that the Sykov has only just made an appearance it may be some time before some kind of nerf is implemented in order to bring it in line with the other pistols that are available to select.

In the meantime, the Sykov has cemented itself as the go-to weapon to dominate any close-quarters engagements and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon.

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