Verdansk Reaches "100% Contamination" As Radiation Zones Appear

As Season 2 of Warzone comes to a close, the mysterious contamination monitors have finally reached 100%, just in time for Warzone's in-game event set to take place on April 21st.

An update on April 15th added two new red circles that feature a nuclear symbol in the centre of them known as Radiation Zones. Players that end up within the zones will take plenty of damage from the radioactive gas present in the areas which will eventually kill them.

The zones appear to be added as the beginnings of the battle royale's event which has been teased for several months with the addition of Zombies and missiles flying across the skies of Verdansk.

Here's absolutely everything you need to know about Warzone's radiation zones.

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Warzone Radiation Zones

Warzone Radiation Zones Prison Shipwreck Nuke event
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The first two radiation zones have appeared at the Shiprwreck and the Prison, the first locations that the horde of Zombies visited when they escaped the confines of the Vodianoy cargo ship.

If you fancy exploring the areas, you will take plenty of damage from the radioactive gas that fills the areas and if you take too much, you will be eliminated from the game.

While players may be out of the action, they will respawn in squad-based matches rather than take a trip to the Gulag.

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Respawn As Zombies

Instead of having to win a one-versus-one duel in the Gulag to get back into the action, players will get back into the action but not as a human...

Players will re-enter the game as a Zombie and will be able to down and eliminate any living opponents that they come across. Armed with a Charged Jump, Gas Grenade, and EMP Blast, the playable Zombies work in exactly the same way as they did during the Haunting of Verdansk event where players could also play as the undead.

The Next Radiation Zones

Considering the current zones are located at places where the Zombie horde has visited in recent weeks, it's likely that these zones will appear at other locations such as TV Station and the downtown Bank.

Eventually, the vast majority of the map will be covered in radioactive zones which will tie into the event scheduled to take place on April 21st, destroying Verdansk as we know it and making way for a new iteration of the map set in the 1980s.

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