First Season 3 Teaser Spotted In Superstore

As Season 2 of Warzone enters the final stages, players are beginning to find subtle clues as to what could be appearing in Season 3 of the immensely popular battle royale.

With a brand-new map set in the Ural Mountains off the cards, it's widely believed that the current iteration of Verdansk will be making way for a new iteration of the Warzone map set in the 1980s, further tying in with the Black Ops Cold War universe.

As the countdown to the release of the new map continues to tick, teasers for the upcoming season of content are beginning to be discovered. While they may not be as significant as the horde of Zombies working their way around Verdansk, the teasers all but confirm Warzone is heading back to the 80s.

Here's everything you need to know about the teasers.

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Warzone Season 3 Teasers

The first official teaser for the upcoming season was spotted by Call of Duty leaker @WarzoneNewz who spotted a brand-new poster within the confines of the Atlas Superstore.

The images heavily resemble posters that were used to promote the 1980 Olympic Games that were held in Moscow. The official mascot of the games was a teddy bear while the official logo were red lines that eventually pointed towards a star.

1980s Verdansk Warzone Teaser Season 3 Meaning Screenshots
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The left-hand image heavily resembles the logo which can be seen above.

It's more than likely that more teasers of this nature will be appearing throughout the battle royale as it gears up for its biggest change since Black Ops Cold War was integrated at the beginning of Season 1.

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More Teasers On The Way!

As the start of Season 3 edges nearer, players can expect even more 1980s-themed teasers to appear throughout Verdansk.

It could range from posters such as the ones found in Superstore, billboards featuring 1980s adverts, or even 80s songs being played from buildings!

Season 3 of Warzone is expected to begin on April 22nd.

Keep your eyes peeled for any new clues that may appear.

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