Players Discover Ingenious Method To Explore Warzone's Radiation Zones

With the end of Season 2 on the horizon and the focus of the Warzone community firmly set on the start of Season 3 and the introduction of a brand-new map, new Radiation Zones have appeared in Verdansk engulfing the Shipwreck and the Prison.

The zones feature a cloud of gas that deals damage to players that find themselves within the areas, and for those that fail to make it out alive, they join the horde of undead that has recently arrived at the Dam.

Warzone players are often curious as to what secrets lie within the confines of Verdansk and thanks to an unintentional bug, players have managed to find a way of exploring the Radiation Zones without being impacted by the gas.

Here's everything we know about the crafty exploit.

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Warzone Stim Exploit

Warzone Stim Exploit How to Explore Radiation Zones Season 2
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The stim has been at the forefront of a number of problems within the battle royale, but this time around, the piece of tactical equipment is part of a completely legitimate, yet unintentional exploit that enables players to tank the damage of the gas and explore the Radiation Zones.

Reddit user 'TwistedFate3' showcased the exploit in a video.

As the video shows, the player is able to resist the damage by utilising the Restock Perk to its fullest.

By the time the health bar has reached minimal levels, the stim has been restocked, allowing them to regenerate health and continue exploring the newly-added zones.

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How To Explore Radiation Zones

Before landing into the zones, be sure to have the Restock Perk equipped in your respective loadout otherwise the method will not work.

Earn enough cash to call in a Loadout Drop and select the loadout with Restock equipped.

Head to the Radiation Zones and begin exploring! Just remember to use the Stim when the health bar gets too low.

Will It Be Fixed

This is clearly an unintentional exploit and with the impending destruction of Verdansk just a few days away, it's likely Raven Software will implement some kind of fix so Restock can't be abused to explore areas that are clearly off-limits.

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